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Because a freestanding paper towel holder takes up a little space, a mounted model is the best choice for anyone who likes the idea of keeping paper towel rolls off kitchen surfaces.

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Which paper towel holders are best?

If left sitting on a counter or table, a roll of paper towels is at risk of toppling onto the floor or unraveling. However, keeping a roll neat and secure will cut down on unnecessary waste. That’s where a paper towel holder comes in. 

The primary job of a paper towel holder is to keep a roll of towels well-organized while conveniently accessible. Whether freestanding or mounted, a quality model is made of durable materials and is easy to use. If you prefer a simple yet stylish design, the SMARTAKE Paper Towel holder is a popular option. 

What to know before you buy a paper towel holder

While it’s true that a paper towel holder isn’t a complicated kitchen item, there are a few considerations you should ponder before you make your selection. Once you know more about these useful gadgets, you’ll be able to choose the best model to fit your needs. 

Benefits of using a paper towel holder

Holding a roll of paper towels is just one benefit offered by a paper towel holder. Here are a few other reasons you should add one to your collection of kitchen gear.

  • Keeps paper towels in one place, so they are easy to find.
  • Helps prevent rolls from falling on the floor, in the sink or in other inconvenient areas.
  • It makes it easier to tear just one sheet at a time, therefore saving towels and money.
  • Can create more organization on your countertop. 
  • It looks stylish, with options available to match kitchen decor or appliance finishes.

Freestanding vs. mounted paper towel holders

There are two main types of paper towel holders — freestanding and mounted. A freestanding model has a rod attached to a base that sits upright on a flat surface. 

In addition to the rod, a mountable model has a component that’s made to be attached to a wall, underneath a cabinet or placed over a cabinet door. 

How to use a paper towel holder

Using a paper towel holder is easy. Begin by placing a roll of paper towels over the rod. To take a towel sheet from a freestanding model, hold the top of the rod while pulling at the towel in a downward motion to dispense a sheet. 

Depending on how a mounted holder is installed, pull the towel sideways or downward to release a sheet. 

What to look for in a quality paper towel holder

Whether you just want a basic paper towel holder or one that matches your appliances, all models have features to evaluate before you buy. 


Plastic, wood and metal are the three most popular materials used to make paper towel holders. 

  • Plastic models are quite affordable but are usually lacking in durability and aren’t very stylish. 
  • Wood holders have a rustic appearance and a stable build. However, wood is prone to damage over time when exposed to moisture or food.
  • Metal is the most popular material used to make paper towel holders. The most reliable models are crafted of stainless steel that resists rust and corrosion and looks great too.


Even though a roll of paper towels covers most of a holder once it’s placed on the rod, portions of the gadget are still visible. If the aesthetics of a paper towel holder are important to you, consider one with a finish that matches your appliances or kitchen fixtures. In addition, some holders have a sleek, modern design that looks great with contemporary decor. 


Some paper towel holders are one piece, so no assembly is necessary. Others require minimal assembly and have rods that must be attached to the base or mounting plate. Models with components that produce tension that keeps towels in place may require minor assembly or adjusting for optimal tension. Mountable holders usually include hardware to be used to attach them to a wall or cabinet. 

How much you can expect to spend on a paper towel holder

The prices of paper towel holders range between $10 and $40, with around $12 to $25 being a practical price spectrum where you’ll find quality models that won’t stress your budget. Cheaper models are likely to be made of flimsy materials, while pricier holders may be more about looks than functionality. 

Paper towel holder FAQ

Are mountable paper towel holders difficult to mount?

A. Most paper towel holders made to be mounted on a wall or under a cabinet only require securing a few screws for installation. This is a fairly straightforward task that can be tackled with a screwdriver or drill. 

Will a freestanding paper towel holder stay upright?

A. Yes, however, some low-cost models may be flimsy and top-heavy. For reliable stability, choose a quality freestanding model made of a strong material like metal or has a weighted base. 

What are the best paper towel holders to buy?

Top paper towel holder

SMARTAKE Paper Towel Holder

SMARTAKE Paper Towel Holder

What you need to know: With a durable build, attractive design and useful features, this paper towel holder is a top choice. 

What you’ll love: This model boasts a sturdy, slip-resistant base and tension arm. It’s crafted of stainless steel that’s designed with longevity in mind. 

What you should consider: It’s a little challenging to assemble. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top paper towel holder for the money

Spectrum Diversified Euro Paper Towel Holder

Spectrum Diversified Euro Paper Towel Holder

What you need to know: A basic paper towel holder that looks good, is affordable and simple to use. 

What you’ll love: We like this model’s minimalist design and compact size that saves space. It’s reasonably priced and comes in a choice of finish colors. 

What you should consider: While it has a stable base, it’s fairly lightweight. 

Where to buy: Sold by Macy’s, Bed Bath & Beyond and Amazon

Worth checking out

Karmenstein Perfect Tear Wall-Mount Paper Towel Holder

Karmenstein Perfect Tear Wall-Mount Paper Towel Holder

What you need to know: This mountable paper towel holder doesn’t take up a lot of space. 

What you’ll love: Made of stainless steel, this model mounts on a wall and does a good job stopping towels from unrolling. 

What you should consider: The construction feels somewhat flimsy, and the rod occasionally squeaks when rotated. 

Where to buy: Sold by Kohl’s, Wayfair, Bed Bath & Beyond and Amazon


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