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If you want to cut down on tedious kitchen tasks, an automatic pot stirrer should be on your kitchen wishlist.

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Which automatic pot stirrer is best?

If you want to cut down on tedious kitchen tasks, an automatic pot stirrer should be on your kitchen wishlist. They are great if your arm gets fatigued while you’re stirring or you’re a multitasker in the kitchen. They provide great relief while cooking stews, grits, soups and sauces. The Stirmate ProdSmart Pot Stirrer Gen 2 (Rechargeable) is a stellar automatic pot stirrer for your cooking needs.

What to know before you buy an automatic pot stirrer


Automatic pot stirrers usually run on either disposable or rechargeable batteries. The battery life is pretty similar between both types, but automatic pot stirrers that come with rechargeable batteries usually cost less over the long run. Stirrers with disposable batteries typically take either AA or C batteries.


It’s important to search for a durable pot stirrer. Flimsy arms can make it difficult to actually stir your soup or sauce. Rubber-coated paddles, stainless steel paddles and thick plastic paddles provide the most durability. Keep in mind, some automatic pot stirrers are only meant for thin sauces and soups, and their arms and motors will actually break down if you try to use them for thicker stews and sauces.


Automatic pot stirrers can typically be adjusted for different sized pots, but you should still measure your pots first. Automatic pot stirrers can usually fit pots with diameters of 6-14 inches, but there are some that don’t have as much range, so be careful.

What to look for in a quality automatic pot stirrer


There are a couple of different designs of automatic pot stirrers out there, including exterior clamps and interior mobile stirrers. The exterior clamps come with motors placed in the middle of the arms that clamp onto the edge of the pot. Some clamps are better at clamping onto the rim of the pot than others.

Automatic pot stirrers with interior stirring mechanisms feature motors with three arms that come up from the bottom. These models move and stir throughout the whole pot. Some of these also vibrate to help move the food and contents throughout the pot.


It’s crucial to get a good fit on the edge of the pot to effectively work the paddles. Clamps that fit around the bottom of the rim of the pot typically stay in place much better than others.

Stirring action

Not every automatic pot stirrer has the same stirring action. Some of these stirrers have a motor placed in the middle with paddles that go to either side of the pot, while other automatic pot stirrers have one centered paddle that moves and looks like a spoon.

How much you can expect to spend on an automatic pot stirrer

Automatic pot stirrers range in price from about $20-$80. The most basic stirrers cost less than $20, while higher-end clamp-on automatic pot stirrers go for $50-$80.

Automatic pot stirrer FAQ

Can automatic pot stirrers handle thicker liquids like candy and stew?

A. Some powerful models can handle thick sauces and stews, but candy is usually a different story. Thick candies, such as peanut brittle, are certainly too thick for these devices. For these thicker liquids, you need to use manual labor.

How well do automatic pot stirrers fit onto your pot?

A. The fit of your automatic pot stirrer usually depends on the kind of clamp-on method used. Simple clamps are usually not as stable when you’re stirring thicker liquids like stews and sauces. 

Clamps that go under the rim of the pot are usually more stable. Also, the more clamps you have, the more effectively the stirrer works.

What’s the best automatic pot stirrer to buy?

Top automatic pot stirrer

Stirmate ProdSmart Pot Stirrer Gen 2 (Rechargeable)

Stirmate ProdSmart Pot Stirrer Gen 2 (Rechargeable)

What you need to know: This powerful automatic pot stirrer from Stirmate will save you plenty of energy and time in the kitchen.

What you’ll love: This well-designed Stirmate device features a quiet motor that won’t take over your quiet and peaceful kitchen, as well as a sturdy and well-made stirring mechanism that adjusts automatically to almost any size of pot.

What you should consider: This automatic pot stirrer does not work very well with thicker mixtures.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top automatic pot stirrer for the money

Uutensil StirrTime Automatic Pan Stirrer

Uutensil StirrTime Automatic Pan Stirrer

What you need to know: This simple battery-powered automatic pot stirrer from Uutensil can stir while you’re working on other kitchen tasks.

What you’ll love: This pot stirrer includes stirring feet composed of food-safe material that works up to 248 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can easily place the stirrer in your pan or pot and work on other things without worrying about your sauce burning.

What you should consider: This automatic pot stirrer is not very powerful and is meant for thin sauces and soups.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

SAKI Automatic Pot Mixer

SAKI Automatic Pot Mixer

What you need to know: This rechargeable automatic pot stirrer from SAKI can handle all of the liquids you need to stir, from chunky chili to thin sauces.

What you’ll love: This device works with every kind of pot and stirs at two different speed settings. It is rechargeable and cordless, taking about four hours to recharge.

What you should consider: This automatic pot stirrer leaves some cream-based based dishes on the scorched side.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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