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It’s important to make sure you are familiar with the type of terrain you will be traveling in before you purchase snowshoes.

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Which snowshoes for beginners are best?

Snowshoes provide an inexpensive and fun way for you to explore snowy terrains. There are several different snowshoes meant for different kinds of terrain, so you need to be familiar with the type of terrain you will be trekking in before you buy a pair. The G2 Go2Gether Lightweight Snowshoes are first-class snowshoes for beginners.

What to know before you buy snowshoes for beginners

Consider the terrain

There are snowshoes meant for every kind of terrain, including mountain terrain, rolling terrain, and flat terrain. Snowshoes for flat terrain are typically the simplest to find and the most affordable. Snowshoes for rolling terrain have longer crampons and sturdier bindings, while snowshoes for mountain terrain are best for experienced hikers, mountaineers, and backcountry snowboarders. If you’re a beginner, stick to snowshoes for flat or rolling terrain, as mountain terrain will likely be too difficult for you.

Think about your gender and age group

Age and gender are crucial factors when selecting the proper snowshoe for you. Snowshoes come in a wide range of different sizes for children and toddlers, and the bindings are typically adjustable to fit growing feet. The bindings on snowshoes meant for women are sized to properly fit winter footwear for women. Snowshoes with the largest width are meant for men since men usually have wider feet.

Find the right snowshoes for the snow conditions

You need to think about the kind of snow you’ll be snowshoeing in, including steep ice, packed trail, deep drifts, and powder snow. Light, fluffy snow is actually the hardest to traverse when you’re wearing snowshoes, and wider snowshoes tend to work best on this kind of snow. It’s simpler to walk through packed trail snow and steep ice in narrow snowshoes. 

What to look for in quality snowshoes for beginners


Modern snowshoes have oblong or rectangular frames composed of either composite plastic or a single piece of aluminum tubing. They are typically tapering to a narrow point at the tail or back of the snowshoe and wider at the front of the snowshoe.


A good quality pair of snowshoes will have durable decking. Decking refers to the strips that fill the space in the frame of the snowshoes. A latticework of rawhide strips traditionally fills the space in the frame, but the panel is now usually composed of synthetic material like plastic or nylon.


There are bindings on top of the decking that hold the snowshoe onto your foot. These are usually a step-in binding system or simple straps. Some snowshoers choose hybrid binding, which offers more control on rough terrain and provides comfort when walking on the snow. Hybrid binding is also called a fixed binding system.

How much you can expect to spend on snowshoes for beginners

Snowshoes for beginners range in price from about $20-$300. Children’s snowshoes range from about $20-90, while the most basic snowshoes for flat terrain go for $60-$100. Snowshoes for rolling terrain cost about $80-$300.

Snowshoes for beginners FAQ

What do you need to bring with you when you go snowshoeing for the first time?

A. First, you need to purchase snowshoes that are appropriate for the snow conditions, the terrain, and your weight. You also need to wear some warm, waterproof boots. You need to dress in clothing layers that can safely handle wet and cold conditions. You should also bring some adjustable poles with snow baskets.

How do you choose the right snowshoes for beginners?

A. Renting snowshoeing gear is the right way to get started if you’re brand new to snowshoeing. The snowshoe rental shop will be able to give you snowshoes that are right for the conditions where you’re snowshoeing and your weight. After that, you can better make a decision on which shoes to buy.

Flat terrain snowshoes are a wonderful first choice if you’re purchasing your first snowshoes. These snowshoes are entry-level shoes that provide great value. They’re meant for walking easily on flat to rolling terrain and are perfect for both families or beginners.

Make sure to check out the maximum recommended load for your snowshoes. The weight of your pack filled with gear plus your weight shouldn’t go over the recommended load. You should also consider the kind of snow you’re traveling on since powder snow requires snowshoes with a bigger surface area to keep you on top of the snow.

What are the best snowshoes for beginners to buy?

Top snowshoes for beginners

G2 Go2Gether Lightweight Snowshoes

G2 Go2Gether Lightweight Snowshoes

What you need to know: These snowshoes from G2 Go2Gether are the perfect pair of snowshoes for people just beginning the hobby.

What you’ll love: These snowshoes are composed of durable and strong materials with a professional and comfortable design. The set also includes storage bags and poles.

What you should consider: Some consumers were not satisfied with the bindings.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top snowshoes for beginners for the money

Odoland Four-in-One Snowshoes

Odoland Four-in-One Snowshoes

What you need to know: These feature-packed snowshoes from Odoland come with all of the materials you need.

What you’ll love: These Odoland four-in-one snowshoes are lightweight, simple to take off and put on, and composed of sturdy materials. The snowshoes also come with tear-resistant and waterproof leg gaiters. 

What you should consider: A few customers said that the color of the snowshoes appeared different from what it looked like in pictures.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

CarryOwn Xtreme Lightweight Snowshoes Set

CarryOwn Xtreme Lightweight Snowshoes Set

What you need to know: These snowshoes from CarryOwn are a reliable pair made for both kids and adults. 

What you’ll love: These are lightweight and simple to buckle. They also include adjustable poles and a carrying bag. The snowshoes have a unisex build for several different age groups.

What you should consider: There were some complaints about the ratchet straps.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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