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If your fingers tend to get cold, consider purchasing a pair of under-glove liners or making space for an external hand warmer.

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Which men’s ski gloves are best?

Whether you’re hitting the slopes for the very first time or gearing up for your third decade on skis, a good pair of ski gloves is an essential aspect of having a good day out. Having wet and cold hands is not only uncomfortable, but the threat of frostbite can also be dangerous in extreme cases. Thankfully, a good pair of ski gloves can do a lot more than keep your hands safe and warm. 

If you’re in the market for a top-tier pair of ski gloves made from a highly reputable company, check out the Canada Goose Men’s Northern Utility Ski Gloves.

What to know before you buy a pair of men’s ski gloves 


Even if you get the nicest pair you can find, if they don’t fit properly, your new ski gloves aren’t going to work well. If they’re too large, they’ll let cool air in and make it harder to grip your poles. If they’re too small, they’ll limit your mobility and likely leave your wrists exposed to the elements. Make sure you can grip your ski poles and easily slide the gloves on and off. 


Men’s ski gloves, like ski jackets and pants, come in a variety of designs, and not all models are insulated. If you tend to overheat when you ski and find yourself constantly removing your gloves on the chairlift, consider purchasing a pair that prioritizes weather protection over warmth. On the other hand, if you’re usually cold on the slopes, choose a pair of ski gloves with one or two layers of insulating material. 

Cuff design

Ski gloves usually have long or short cuffs. Longer cuffs, referred to as gauntlet cuffs in the industry, offer enhanced protection but limit wrist mobility. Shorter cuffs, on the other hand, prioritize mobility over protection and leave your wrist unconstrained. 

What to look for in quality men’s ski gloves


Wet gloves are a one-way ticket to the lodge, and good-quality gloves should have the right material to keep the elements at bay. If you ski in a coastal area where the snow has a high water content or just want the ultimate in protection, consider a pair of gloves made from heavy-duty nylon with Gore-Tex inserts. 

Built-in liners

Liners are a great way to add extra warmth to your gloves without bulking up, and some models include built-in liners for ease of use and optimal fit. Be on the lookout for high-end models that include removable liners, allowing you to personalize your fit and temperature throughout the day. 

Touchscreen compatibility 

Having to take your gloves off to answer a call on the slopes often causes more hassle than it’s worth. Good-quality ski gloves come with stimulus technology on at least one of the fingers, allowing you to open and use your phone in a pinch. 

How much you can expect to spend on men’s ski gloves

Entry-level ski gloves that you can rely on in serious winter conditions cost around $60, while their higher-end counterparts can cost upwards of $300. 

Men’s ski gloves FAQ

What’s the difference between ski and snowboard gloves?

A. Generally, there’s no functional difference between gloves advertised as skiing or snowboarding specific. However, ski racers tend to have knuckle protection, whereas professional riders usually have gloves with increased wrist protection. Racers also have the ability to clip their gloves to their poles. 

Are mittens warmer than gloves? 

A. While mittens tend to be warmer because they don’t isolate your fingers, modern glove technology has developed to the point where the difference is almost indiscernible. If you want maximum mobility and dexterity, gloves are the way to go.  

What are the best men’s ski gloves to buy?

Top men’s ski gloves

Canada Goose Men’s Northern Utility Ski Gloves

Canada Goose Men’s Northern Utility Ski Gloves

What you need to know: Designed to keep you warm and dry in temperatures well below what you ski in, you can count on these luxe gloves to perform in the harshest conditions. 

What you’ll love: Canada Goose has built its reputation on crafting extreme outerwear, and these gloves put the company’s experience on display. Featuring 525-fill down, a removable fleece liner and dual-layer construction, these gloves pack a handful of premium technology in a neat design. Plus, the fingers and palm are reinforced with goatskin leather on the exterior, adding another layer of durability. 

What you should consider: These gloves have a hefty price tag and may be too bulky for some skiers. 

Where to buy: Sold by Backcountry

Top men’s ski gloves for the money

Black Diamond Men’s Glissade Ski Gloves

Black Diamond Men’s Glissade Ski Gloves

What you need to know: These affordable gloves have everything you need and more to keep your hands safe and warm in extremely low temperatures. 

What you’ll love: Made entirely from durable goat leather and Pertex Shield, these gloves will likely outlast your other ski gear. Glissade gloves also have a BDry waterproof coating in addition to two 100-gram layers of Thinsulate and fleece insulation. These gloves offer all the technology a high-end glove does at a fraction of the cost. 

What you should consider: Although these gloves include a fleece liner, it isn’t removable. 

Where to buy: Sold by Backcountry and Amazon

Worth checking out

Mountain Hardwear Men’s FireFall/2 Gore-Tex Ski Gloves

Mountain Hardwear Men’s FireFall/2 Gore-Tex Ski Gloves

What you need to know: Optimized for rugged conditions and durability in adverse environments, FireFall/2 ski gloves offer premium performance without breaking the bank. 

What you’ll love: Made from tear-resistant 160D nylon and waterproof Gore-Tex, these gloves can handle whatever weather comes along during your mountain adventure. In addition to Primaloft’s cutting-edge insulation, the gloves have a cozy fleece lining. To top it all off, these gloves are touchscreen-capable. 

What you should consider: Designed for maximum utility, these gloves offer very little when it comes to looks. 

Where to buy: Sold by Backcountry, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Amazon


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