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In addition to selling aquarium filters, Fluval also sells water conditioners and biological cleaners to enhance the health of your aquarium.

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Which Fluval aquarium filters are best? 

Fluval filters are some of the best aquarium filtration systems on the market. This brand is one of the leaders in aquarium technology. Fluval filters are globally recognized as the gold standard of aquarium filtration technology solutions. Not only do these filters work in marine aquariums, but they also work in saltwater and reptile environments. However, there are a number of models and designs available and choosing the right one for you and your aquarium can be tricky. Consider the style of filter and the needs of the animals in your aquarium before purchasing a Fluval aquarium filter. 

What to know before you buy Fluval filters

Fluval has been in business since 1975 and in that time they have become market leaders in aquarium filtration systems. To date, Fluval has released over 20 filtration models that are designed to keep fish as healthy as possible for as long as possible in almost every possible tank size. 

Fluval filters come in various configurations that can be internal, external or hang-on-back filters. When deciding which is best, first take note of the size and diversity of species in your aquarium. Another essential consideration to take into account is the size of your tank. 

Hang-on-back filters

Fluval hang-on-the-back filters, also known as the C series, are an excellent option for small fish tanks. They come in approximately three different sizes and have a five-stage filtration system. They work in medium to large aquariums of 30, 50 and 70 gallons. 

This filter style hangs onto the back of the tank and draws water up through a strainer to prevent small fish from being sucked into the intake. What’s more, the carbon filters that this model uses remove impurities from the water to ensure that the tank stays in optimal condition.

Internal filters

Internal Fluval filters, otherwise known as part of the U series range, can be used in almost any tank type. U series models can be used in freshwater, saltwater and even reptile environments. 

The Nano and U1 series models work effectively for up to 15 gallons of water. The U2 can filter up to 30 gallons, while the U3 can filter up to 40 gallons. The U4 has the largest capacity, with the ability to filter 65 gallons of water. 

In short, the U series is designed to work for tiny, small and medium-sized aquariums. U series models can also be used as additional filters in larger aquariums. 

External filters

Fluval external filters offer benefits for small to large aquariums. External models like the 07 series are a highly effective set of models that can be used in small, medium and large aquariums. 

The 07 series is quiet, robust and extremely energy efficient. Depending on what filtration system you opt to use, the powerful pumps ensure that your aquarium remains in its optimal biological and ecological condition. 

The FX model is designed for large tanks from between 200 to 400 gallons. This type of filter can process high amounts of waste. It uses powerful pumps to perform multi-stage filtration to ensure that the tank is continually swept for an intense clean.

The G series is a powerful and intelligent filtration system that can be used in medium tanks from 80 to 160 gallons. The G series uses advanced filtration and sensors to detect when your tank needs maintenance and displays critical factors like temperature and water flow rate and even offers advice as needed.

Which Fluval aquarium filters are best? 

Fluval Nano Aquarium Filter

Fluval Nano Aquarium Filter

This filter is excellent for small tanks or as an additional filter in larger tanks that need the support of an extra filtration system. This clever little system is perfect for keeping a gentle water flow and providing an effective biological and mechanical filtration system. Sold by Amazon and Chewy

Fluval U4 Series Underwater Filter for Aquariums

Fluval U4 Series Underwater Filter for Aquariums

This filter is excellent for tanks up to 65 gallons in size. What’s more, it can be used as a waterfall feature in shallower tanks and works in freshwater, saltwater or even reptile environments. Sold by Amazon

Fluval U Underwater Filter BioMax

Fluval U Underwater Filter BioMax

This biological filtration system helps eliminate fish waste and keeps U series filters fresh by creating a healthier aquarium environment. This bio-filter is excellent for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Sold by Amazon

Fluval 07 Series Performance Canister Filter for Aquariums

Fluval 07 Series Performance Canister Filter for Aquariums

This 07 series model is powerful, reliable and whisper quiet. It’s also incredibly robust, energy-efficient and more flexible than other models. Sold by Amazon

Fluval High Performance Aquarium Filter

Fluval High Performance Aquarium Filter

This high-powered FX external filter will keep your freshwater or marine aquarium healthy. This filter can keep up to 400 gallons of water fresh and clean and has all filter media included. Sold by Amazon

Fluval G-Nodes Biological Filtration Media - 1.25L

Fluval G-Nodes Biological Filtration Media – 1.25L

This biological filtration media helps keep ammonia and nitrate levels low and creates a healthy environment in your aquarium. This media is designed explicitly for Fluval G models and also helps beneficial bacteria survive in your aquarium. Sold by Amazon

Fluval C Series Power Filter

Fluval C Series Power Filter

This C series hang-on-the-back filter comes with a debris capture and carbon filter that absorbs odors, discolorations and impurities. What’s more, the bio screen and C nodes keep the tank in optimal condition while protecting small fish. Sold by Amazon and Chewy


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