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An aquarium stand provides you with a sturdy, aesthetically pleasing way to display your aquarium and store supplies.

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Which fish tank stand is best?

Aquariums provide visual interest and ambience thanks to their aquatic creatures, bubbling filters and flickering lights. However, finding a quality and aesthetically pleasing way to display your fish tank can be a challenge. Instead of setting your heavy aquarium on a shelf or table, consider investing in a specially designed fish tank stand.

The Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal Tank Stand provides fish fanatics with a heavy-duty piece of furniture to hold and display their tank. This stand is the best choice for most aquarium enthusiasts due to its durable construction, modern design and multiple available sizes.

What to know before you buy a fish tank stand

Your fish tank’s size and shape

Carefully measure the length and width of your aquarium to narrow down your search and ensure that you buy an appropriately sized stand. Some fish tank stands can accommodate tanks smaller than their tabletop, while some feature metal rails that only fit specifically-sized aquariums. Uniquely shaped tanks require special consideration when it comes to selecting an appropriate stand. 

Your cable management

Between your tank’s filter, heater, lights and other accessories, you may find that you have a mess of tangled electrical cables hanging under your aquarium. Many aquarium stands allow you to easily hide these wires behind it and neaten your display. 


Fish tank stands are typically made out of wood, particle board, metal or a combination of all three materials. Particle board is the least expensive and most common of the three, but is not suitable for saltwater aquariums, as any drips or pools that aren’t immediately cleaned up will quickly degrade the material. Metal provides the most support for large, heavy tanks. Genuine wood is often preferred by those who are looking to match their already existing furniture, but is the most expensive.


Consider your aquarium’s optimum viewing angle and select a stand that will allow you to easily observe your fish. Taller tanks may require a shorter stand to prevent them from being difficult to open and access, while shorter models will need a taller stand so that you don’t have to crouch or bend down to properly view your pets.

What to look for in a quality fish tank stand


Many fish tank stands are built like cabinets and feature ample room to store aquarium supplies within drawers or cupboards. These stands allow you to hide nets, fish food, tank cleaning tools and filter refills out of sight, preventing them from disrupting your room’s decor. Be sure to select a stand that has enough storage space to hold your supplies and equipment.


With a single gallon of water weighing over eight pounds, even small aquariums can be extremely heavy. Select a fish tank stand that is stable and constructed from heavy-duty materials. Your stand should allow you to access your aquarium without it wobbling or leaning.


By investing in a fish tank stand, you can help your aquarium blend in with your room decor. Choose a stand that will match your style and taste.


Metal fish tank stands can be easily cleaned with a few wipes from a towel. Wooden stands, however, will require a bit more maintenance. Real wood will need to be polished regularly to keep it looking its best. 

How much you can expect to spend on a fish tank stand

Basic metal fish tank stands can be purchased for around $50. Models that accommodate large heavy tanks and feature cabinet-like construction cost from $150–$500, depending on size and materials. 

Fish tank stand FAQ

Are fish tank stands difficult to set up?

A. Some stands may be challenging to assemble, but basic setup is as simple as placing your tank on the stand and storing your supplies and equipment as you choose.

Are there fish tank stands that can fit my octagonal aquarium?

A. Yes. Fish tank stands come in a wide range of configurations. However, those made to accommodate uniquely shaped aquariums may cost more and come in limited finishes.

Can I use a fish tank stand for a terrarium?

A. Yes. Fish tank stands are just as useful when it comes to reptile or amphibian terrariums as they are for aquariums, as they allow you to hide the cables attached to your lighting and heating equipment.

What’s the best fish tank stand to buy?

Top fish tank stand

Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal Tank Stand

Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal Tank Stand

What you need to know: This sturdy, metal stand provides great support for heavy tanks.

What you’ll love: An all metal construction makes this fish tank stand durable and water resistant. Available in multiple sizes, this model can accommodate a wide range of fish tanks and terrariums. 

What you should consider: This stand does not feature a closed cabinet, leaving no place for discreet storage of food, cables or supplies.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Top fish tank stand for the money

Aquatic Fundamentals Metal Aquarium Stand

Aquatic Fundamentals Metal Aquarium Stand

What you need to know: This fish tank stand is made of metal and available in multiple sizes.

What you’ll love: Simple to set up and strong enough to hold tanks of many sizes, this model is an excellent value. It features a unique, wrought iron design along the sides.

What you should consider: There is no cabinet storage space. Its aesthetics may not appeal to those who prefer a more minimalist appearance.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Aquatic Fundamentals Wood Aquarium Stand

Aquatic Fundamentals Wood Aquarium Stand

What you need to know: This fish tank stand has ample storage space and comes in two stylish finishes.

What you’ll love: This stand features a cabinet that allows for storage. It’s open back makes accessing cables or tubes from the front convenient. 

What you should consider: Some buyers report that the fiber board used to construct this stand is prone to damage, and the item is not properly padded for shipping.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and PetSmart


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