Choosing the best kiddie pool

A kiddie pool brings together children’s love for playing with water and parents’ desire to expose their children to swimming at an early age in a safe environment. These pools are ideal for families regardless of backyard space because they come in different sizes, depths and designs, and they do not take up much storage space.

Most of these pools are easy to assemble and use, all you will need is to fill them with water. There are so many options to choose from, such as pools with slides, big pools enough for the whole family and affordable ones.

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Kiddie pool features

The wide range of kiddie pools can confuse first-time buyers, especially if they do not know what to look for. Here are features to consider before you buy one:


Kiddie pools come in a range of designs, so it is possible to get any shape or size you want. You can get a pool that has a slide attached to it, one with sprinklers or one in the shape of your kid’s favorite animal. Since you would be buying the pool for the kids, it is vital to choose a color and theme that would appeal to the kids most.


Kiddie pools are ideal for use during summer; however, you can go for a type that you can use regardless of the weather outside. Some pools can be used in the house as a ball pit in the playroom, as a storage bin for toys, a rinse-off station or as a planting station.


Although kiddie pools are for kids, some are big enough to accommodate an adult. The presence of an adult in the pool is a security measure because it makes it easier for them to be within arm’s length of their kids who are swimming.

Storage and portability

Looking for a place to store a kiddy pool can be a nightmare for people living in small spaces, which is also the case for those who want to transport them for whatever reason. However, some kiddy pools can fold while others can deflate to fit on a shelf or even in a small box. 

Safety measures

Although kiddie pools are safer than swimming pools, it is vital to know that even a few inches deep is hazardous for small kids. Some kiddie pools have instructions on the level the water should reach when you have small children. Even with such directions, an adult should always be present.

Sun protection

Kiddie pools are ideal for use outside in the sun, and not protecting the skin from direct sunlight is sure to lead to health complications. Therefore, parents and their kids should take the appropriate measures to protect their skin every time they are outside playing in the kiddy pool. Some kiddie pools come with shades meant to protect the users. If your kids will be out in the sun, it’s crucial that they wear sunscreen

Types of kiddie pools

There are many types of kiddie pools in the market; however, most of them fall into three main categories:

Hard plastic kiddie pools

Hard plastic kiddie pools are the most affordable kiddy pools in the market. More elaborate and durable versions of these pools cost a bit more because some have a slide connected to them.


  • If the weather is not favorable for swimming, you can use them as a sandbox or a ball pit, and kids can still have fun therein.
  • These pools are shallow and low to the ground, so kids can get in and out at will, making them safe.
  • They are affordable, so replacing these pools following any form of damage will not dent your wallet.
  • These are the easiest pools to set up since you place them upright and fill them with water.


  • These pools bend or break easily, and their rigidness makes it hard to store them away when they are not in use.

Inflatable kiddie pools

 Family Pool

Family Pool

Inflatable kiddie pools are arguably the most popular pools out there, and they come in a range of sizes, styles and budgets. The more expensive ones have features and designs that appeal to kids.

Sold by Amazon


  • Even the largest inflatable pools are easy to store since they can fit in a small box when deflated.
  • Packing and transporting these pools is very convenient, making it possible to enjoy them away from home.
  • The bigger pools have enough space for parents to be in the pool with their kids, making it easier to respond in the event of an emergency.


  • Tearing or puncturing these pools requires little effort since they are fragile. Repairing the pools can often be difficult, so you have to be careful where you place them.
  • Inflating the pool takes time and energy, especially when blowing into a big pool.
  • Draining the pool and deflating it takes time, so it can cause delays when you want to pack it up and go.

Snapset pools

Intex Deep Sea Blue

Kiddie Swimming Pool

Snapshot pools are made of vinyl tubs that can fold in and out to enhance storage, cleaning, and set up. These pools offer more in terms of size and design.

Sold by Amazon


  • Cleaning, transporting and storing them away is easy, thanks to their ability to fold.
  • Setting up is straightforward since you only need to unfold them, keep the edges up and fill them up with water.
  • These can come in a range of sizes, making the larger ones ideal for bigger kids because they are just one step away from the larger swimming pools.
  • Draining the pool is as easy as pushing in one of the sides and the water will flow out.


  • Setting up requires at least two people to hold the sides up until the pool is almost half full.
  • Kids can accidentally spill a lot of water or even drain the pool while playing.

Kiddie pool prices

Intex sunset glow

Intex Sunset Glow Baby Pool

Most affordable kiddie pools: You can buy inflatable or hard plastic kiddie pools for as low as $10 on Amazon and Dick’s Sporting Goods. Although they are fun and meet the fundamental objective of the pools, they have no additional features. These are small and get damaged easily.

Sold by Amazon

banzai obstacle course

Banzai Obstacle Course Activity Pool

Average-priced kiddie pools: You will dig a bit deeper in your pocket for these pools, but the added value is worth it. These can take interesting animal shapes, might not need you to keep inflating them and can even come with a shade.

Sold by Kohl’s


Toysical Inflatable Pool for Kids and Adults 

Expensive kiddie pools: In addition to meeting all the basic needs of the other pools, these incorporate slides and other additional play features. These are large and are suitable for older children. 

Sold by Amazon

Kiddie Pool

Kiddie Pool

Premium kiddie pools: These are the most expensive pools on the market and have the best features. These pools are as close to permanent pools as you can get, and they guarantee users durability, special features and a size that can accommodate adult supervisors. 

Sold by Wayfair

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