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The most basic of clipboards might simply feature a clamp and a board of some sort to hold papers upright, but others might have extra features like storage, special designs or super-durable construction qualities.

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Which clipboard is best?

Clipboards come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, but those using them often have specific needs. Whether you need them for business meetings, presentations or other non-work-related situations, which clipboard is the best for your circumstances will vary quite a bit. 

Out of a wide range of options, this ROCOFF Metal Clipboard with Storage Compartments has everything buyers need for their next big meeting or presentation and a durable build that’s sure to last for years to come.

What to know before you buy a clipboard

Desired Use

With so many clipboard options available, it can be tricky to choose one that will stand the test of time. Deciding what you’ll do with your clipboard is also a great place to start narrowing down the options. When picking a model from the best clipboards, it’s worth considering exactly how you plan to use your clipboard. If you need something versatile, like a clipboard with storage, this should also be considered. Still, some know that they’ll be using their clipboard daily for work or school and may prefer to look for models with specific features that are useful to them.

Types of clipboards

The simple clipboard has managed to include a broad range of different kinds of products, all of which have in common the board and some kind of clamp that can hold down paper, packets, pens and other office supplies. Other types of clipboards may include a dry-erase clipboard, a mini clipboard, a folding clipboard design, one with an interior clamp or many other configurations.


While the average economy-level clipboard is typically made from brown fiberboard, others today come in hard plastic, aluminum or other, similarly rigid materials. If you need something particularly sturdy or heavy-duty for the job site, it’s worth considering non-fiberboard options that may be less likely to deteriorate in harsh environments. Metal clipboards are also particularly ideal for those in contracting or other builder-type roles.

What to look for in a quality clipboard


Ultimately, a clipboard’s durability will determine how much life you get out of your purchase. For that reason, many in industrial settings elect to go with aluminum or hard plastic clipboards made to withstand drops and long-term wear and tear. Others in office settings may get years of use out of fiberboard or bulk packs of clipboards. Still, many can also find a number of plastic model clear clipboards that are also fairly durable.


A handy feature that’s included with many clipboards is storage, most commonly in the shape of notepad paper that is held inside the clipboard itself. Others may also include internal storage compartments, useful for things like pens, tape and other supplies. In addition, some may even include simple pen holders or other features adding layers of storage.

Strong securing features

If you need your clipboard for use with thick paper packets or other heavy-duty clamping needs, it might be worth choosing a model that has a particularly strong clamp or other features like an elastic band, for example, that can help secure the page or pages the user fastens to the front of the clipboard.

How much you can expect to spend on clipboards

While clipboards may span a bit of a range in price, they’re also a fairly affordable office supply that most buyers can afford. Cheap clipboards sold as singles may cost as little as $3, while you can find a number of higher-quality clipboards or bulk packs ranging from $10-$55 depending on how many or what kind you need.

Clipboard FAQ

What are clipboards made from?

A. While there may be a variety of materials companies use to make clipboards, the most common for cheap clipboards is fiberboard. Still, many other clipboards are made from a variety of hard plastics, while some heavy-duty models are often made from aluminum. 

Can clipboards hold more than one object?

A. Depending on what objects you’re hoping your clipboard will hold, some clipboard models offer a heavy-duty clamp for holding more than just a single or a few sheets of paper or convenient storage compartments for internally holding a variety of objects.

What are the best clipboards to buy?

Top clipboard

ROCOFF Letter-Sized Heavy-Duty Metal Clipboard with Multiple Storage Compartments

ROCOFF Letter-Sized Heavy-Duty Metal Clipboard with Multiple Storage Compartments

What you need to know: This aluminum clipboard is the all-around best clipboard pick, holding up to 120 sheets of paper and offering a notebook-sized interior storage compartment.

What you’ll love: Coming at a reasonable price, this clipboard is great for those who prefer the extra storage space, as well as those needing high-powered paper and packet-clamping. Its durability makes it the perfect pick for those who use clipboards in day-to-day meetings and tasks.

What you should consider: A few buyers reported that this clipboard’s outer edges are a bit too pointy.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top clipboard for the money

Officemate Magnet Plus White Magnetic Dry-Erase Memo Clipboard

Officemate Magnet Plus White Magnetic Dry-Erase Memo Clipboard

What you need to know: For those that want a dry-erase clipboard, this model features a ⅜-inch capacity and includes a heavy-duty magnetic backing.

What you’ll love: This model makes it easy to take notes and memos on the go or in presentations, alongside any documents you might need. It’s also a little more affordable than many clipboard models, making it a great pick for those that don’t need something fancy.

What you should consider: This clipboard’s small size surprised some buyers upon receipt.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Steel Mill & Co Fun Clipboard Folio with Refillable Lined Notepad and Interior Storage

Steel Mill & Co Fun Clipboard Folio with Refillable Lined Notepad and Interior Storage

What you need to know: Those looking for a more decorative clipboard will find this model practical and beautiful, featuring a tie-dye design and a convenient notepad storage interior.

What you’ll love: This convenient clipboard includes a fully lined notepad inside, and a powerful exterior clasp for easy use and quick replacements. This clipboard also comes in seven other decorative designs, including black-dotted, mint floral and navy floral, among others.

What you should consider: Some users said that this model’s interior pocket was a bit too flimsy for more than a few pieces of paper.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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