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Utility carts can be used for a wide variety of purposes, hence the name — which is why they’ve remained popular in a number of different residential and commercial settings.

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Which utility carts are best?

Finding the best utility cart may be a bit daunting, given the sheer number of utility cart types and uses out there. Still, most buyers can find multiple utility carts to fulfill their needs.

For those who need a basic utility cart, the Rubbermaid Two-Shelf Commercial Utility Cart is a reliable choice for commercial and industrial use, making it easy to cart around tools, hardware and more.

What to know before you buy a utility cart

How you plan to use your utility cart

The best utility carts make up a broad category, and it ultimately depends on what the buyer is looking for in a utility cart. Mostly, buyers will want to consider how they plan to use their utility carts in order to ensure they’ll get the most use out of them. For instance, a folding utility cart with wheels might work best for some, while for others, an electric utility cart might prove more useful. As with any product that includes this many models, utility carts can be found in a ton of different configurations and with different uses, so it pays to consider any specific features you need.

Decorative vs. practical

Probably one of the quickest ways to cut your list of choices in half is to decide if you want a decorative utility cart, like those for use in homes or offices, or if you simply need a utility cart that’s practical for your needs, like in warehouses, new construction or for other heavy-duty and commercial uses. In either case, you can find a wide range of decorative utility carts for the former or a number of metal utility carts and other similarly durable products for the latter. 

Purpose-designed utility carts

For those who are contractors, electricians, plumbers, painters or other handy-work professionals, a number of utility carts exist with purpose-driven elements, like extra holes for storing tools, high walls for transporting hardware or special compartments with specific purposes or uses. These are a great thing to consider if you use specific goods on a daily basis, or if you simply want to get the most out of your purchase.

What to look for in a quality utility cart

Large caster wheels

Utility cart wheels are usually casters that are large enough to roll easily on imperfect surfaces. Some utility carts have just two casters instead of all four wheels, and more decorative models will tend to have smaller wheels suited to navigating a home or office. In commercial settings, large wheels are crucial, since they won’t be stopped by cracks, rocks or other uneven surfaces.


Especially for those buying utility carts for commercial settings, durability is a huge consideration. Many industrial and commercial utility carts are built strong to provide years of service for contractors and other businesses in construction and other heavy-duty environments.


Utility carts that last for years to come are usually practical enough to avoid being replaced while offering the user the right balance of practicality to design needed for the space it will end up in.

How much you can expect to spend on a utility cart

Given the variety of configurations available, utility carts can span a huge range of prices. While you can find inexpensive utility carts for the home and other lighter-duty uses for between $30-$90, high-quality utility carts can cost from $90-$500 or more.

Utility cart FAQ

What is a utility cart used for?

A. While they’re commonly used in commercial and kitchen settings, utility carts can be used for a wide variety of purposes. In addition, many decorative utility carts are made for the home or office, while many commercial utility carts have less of a focus on aesthetics and more on practicality.

Do utility carts come with more than two shelves?

A. The most common utility cart configuration includes two levels, shelves or tiers, though others can be found with as many as three or four levels. In addition, some utility carts include adjustable or completely removable shelves, which can make it easy to customize the cart for whatever tasks you need it for.

What’s the best utility cart to buy?

Top utility cart

Rubbermaid Black Two-Shelf Heavy-Duty Commercial Service and Utility Cart

Rubbermaid Black Two-Shelf Heavy-Duty Commercial Service and Utility Cart

What you need to know: For those in need of a heavy-duty utility cart, this classic, black two-shelf commercial service cart from Rubbermaid is super durable and reasonably priced.

What you’ll love: With up to 300 pounds of potential capacity, and a useful vertical edge on each of the shelves, this cart can be used in a wide variety of work fields. It also includes large, robust swiveling casters that make it easy to maneuver, even through industrial environments.

What you should consider: Those looking for a decorative utility cart for their home or office were unsatisfied with this model’s aesthetic.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top utility cart for the money

Mind Reader Kitchen Island Three-Shelf Rolling Bar Wood-Top Metal Utility Cart

Mind Reader Kitchen Island Three-Shelf Rolling Bar Wood-Top Metal Utility Cart

What you need to know: Anyone looking for a utility cart for their kitchen, office or home will likely want something simple and decorative, like this three-shelf, faux-wood cart.

What you’ll love: Featuring simple black metal posts, this utility cart is unassuming, portable and great for holding a variety of decorative and practical objects. It only weighs about 15 pounds, making it easy to move around.

What you should consider: Some buyers didn’t like that they had to assemble this model themselves.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Seville Classics Three-Tier Commercial Heavy-Duty Chrome Utility Cart

Seville Classics Three-Tier Commercial Heavy-Duty Chrome Utility Cart

What you need to know: This small, three-tier utility cart is ideal for kitchens and other commercial uses and holds up to 500 pounds. It has large, easy-to-move PVC wheels with brakes.

What you’ll love: Standing at about 34 inches tall, this simple utility cart is a great option for spaces that require something short, and it’s also NSF-certified for food equipment, home, office and other commercial environments.

What you should consider: Many elected to go with a similar NSF-certified utility cart that was taller or a different shape altogether.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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