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Outdoor clocks usually need to be at least weather-resistant to be mounted outside, unless they’ll specifically be placed under a roof, canopy or in an otherwise dry outdoor location.

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Which outdoor clocks are best?

Those who have a patio, garden or other outdoor space know the importance of making that space comfortable, while also allowing them to keep track of time with the use of a clock. In general, you want to find a clock that fits the style of your space and that’s weather-resistant enough to keep working in your backyard climate.

Out of a wide range of outdoor clock options, FirsTime & Co. Park Outdoor Wall Clock is large enough for most individuals to read, along with offering a beautiful oil-rubbed bronze design that suits nearly any decor.

What to know before you buy an outdoor clock

Material and style

Most of the best outdoor clocks feature materials that are simultaneously decorative, sturdy and draw your attention to the time. Most outdoor clocks are either made of plastic or some kind of metal, though a wide range of material options can also be found to match any yard or patio.


The size of an outdoor clock is important to consider, especially if the clock is mounted up high, far away or otherwise out of normal sight range. While a larger clock can be useful since you can see it from afar, some spaces also have specific size constraints that require users to go with a smaller outdoor clock. In either case, it’s important to measure the space you want the clock to take up and consider how far away you’ll mount the clock from where you’ll be sitting.

Other dials

Many outdoor clocks also include other useful information, like temperature and humidity readings. These will usually appear in separate, smaller dials within the clock’s center area, though a ton of styles exist, with some including a thermometer and/or hygrometer.

What to look for in a quality outdoor clock

Clear display

Ultimately, the purpose of a clock is to be able to tell time, which you can’t do at all if the clock doesn’t have a clear display. Depending on where you plan to mount your outdoor clock, you may be able to get away with smaller or larger numerals, but making sure they’re crisp and clear enough to read from wherever you’ll be sitting is key.

Weatherproofing or weather resistance 

Outdoor clocks have the unique need of being able to withstand the weather. A number of clocks may be designed to be mounted under a roof and out of the weather, even if outdoors, while others may be rated to keep working in humid, damp or wet conditions.

Color and design

Alongside being legible and offering weather-resistant features suitable for the outdoors, outdoor clocks are usually chosen based on their overall color and design and how well they fit with a person’s space. While color and design typically won’t affect an outdoor clock’s functionality, a number of outdoor clock models offer multiple design options that can help you refine the feel you want your clock to have.

How much you can expect to spend on an outdoor clock

In most cases, a small, basic outdoor clock can cost as little as $20-$30, while larger, nicer and more weatherproof clocks may cost $30-$60. Still, others may cost $60-$100, with some models costing even more.

Outdoor clock FAQ

Do outdoor clocks use batteries?

A. While there are a wide variety of outdoor clocks that can be plugged in, the majority of outdoor clocks simply use batteries. Clocks also use up very little power to operate, so most users don’t need to replace their clocks’ batteries for several years.

Are some outdoor clocks quieter than others?

A. Yes, outdoor clocks can have varying volume levels. While those that include a ticking seconds hand are naturally louder, some outdoor clocks include continuously moving minutes or seconds hands that don’t make noise as they move.

What are the best outdoor clocks to buy?

Top outdoor clock

FirsTime & Co. Park Outdoor Wall Clock

FirsTime & Co. Park Outdoor Wall Clock 

What you need to know: This beautiful 18-inch outdoor clock includes numerals large enough to be read from far away, and it also features a beautiful oil-rubbed bronze finish for any garden or patio.

What you’ll love: On top of coming at a fair price point, this outdoor clock is about 2 inches thick and 18 inches in diameter, and runs on a single AA battery. This particular design can also be purchased in distressed navy blue, distressed red or teal.

What you should consider: This unit isn’t as weatherproof as some other models. Buyers must also purchase a battery separately.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top outdoor clock for the money

Lily’s Home Hanging Wall Clock with Thermometer and Hygrometer

Lily’s Home Hanging Wall Clock with Thermometer and Hygrometer

What you need to know: For those who prefer a slightly smaller outdoor wall clock, this 14-inch faux stone outdoor clock is a great and affordable pick, alongside being entirely weatherproof.

What you’ll love: This outdoor clock includes both thermometer and hygrometer dials as well as a clock, and it comes in three faux stone inlay designs, including burl, slate and stone. It’s completely weather-resistant and protects the motor in outdoor settings.

What you should consider: Some buyers complained that 14 inches was smaller than they expected, and that the thermometer and hygrometer dials were particularly hard to read.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

SkyNature Large Outdoor Clock with Thermometer and Hygrometer

SkyNature Large Outdoor Clock with Thermometer and Hygrometer

What you need to know: This 18-inch analog clock was designed for indoor or outdoor use, offering UV and weather resistance and including thermometer and hygrometer dials.

What you’ll love: For those who can afford to pay just a little more, this outdoor clock features better contrast than most models, making it easy to read, and it also includes humidity and temperature gauges. This unit can also be purchased in metal or bronze finishes in addition to copper.

What you should consider: Some users noticed that the temperature gauge on this model wasn’t entirely accurate.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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