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Which high-end office furniture is best?

The extra money you’ll spend on high-end office furniture goes a long way. High-quality, durable craftsmanship and luxury designs crafted from natural woods and leather match extravagance with functionality and turn your office into the ideal space for productivity and creativity.

Low-quality furniture may leave you with an aching back after hours of sitting, or with a desk that shakes every time you hit a key on your keyboard. High-end furniture, on the other hand, exudes luxury and makes you feel inspired to get things done. The Acme Furniture Megan Executive Office Chair is the top choice for high-end office furniture with great ergonomics, high-quality materials and a modern design. 

What to know before you buy high-end office furniture 


High-end office desks range in size from petite writing desks to stately executive desks. The same is true for office chairs. 

There are two major considerations when it comes to choosing a desk and chair size: the square footage you have available to you and the aesthetic you’re going for.

While having a lot of square footage may mean you can purchase larger furniture, occupying too much square footage with furniture will overpower your space. 

If you’re inclined towards a modern, minimalist space, select furniture slightly smaller than what you think could fit. A space that feels comfortable and easy to move around in will make you feel at ease during your workday. 

Surface area

While some people can get by with a petite desk, others will find this obstructive to productivity. 

Choose a high-end office desk with enough surface space to accommodate everything you use to complete your work: one or two monitors, a desktop or laptop computer, a lamp, a keyboard and a mouse. 

Brand Reputation

When you invest in high-end office furniture, you’re giving financial support to a craftsman and placing your trust in the quality of their products. It pays to go with a brand whose reputation makes you feel confident and assured that their products are the best of the best, and whose policy is to work with you if you experience any issues with your office furniture. 

What to look for in quality high-end office furniture 

Lumbar support

Don’t skimp on a high-end office chair with good lumbar support. Good lumbar back support promotes good posture and prevents muscle soreness and fatigue. Good lumbar support should be adjustable and align with the curve of your spine. Subpar lumbar support will lead to too much pressure placed on the muscles and nerves in your back, which can lead to injury over time. 


If you’re paying top dollar for high-end office furniture, preempt potential buyer’s remorse by selecting office furniture with warranties that cover replacement, repair or full refund of a damaged product. 


Maximize the utility of the luxury office furniture you invest in by selecting pieces which serve multiple purposes in your workflow, such as a desk with built-in storage and enough workspace for both computing and writing, or an office chair whose mobility makes it ideal for use at various workstations throughout your office. Not only will this lend your space a more chic, sparse aesthetic overall, it’s also a smart move economically. 

High-quality materials

The highest quality material for a desk is natural wood. Natural wood tends to be more expensive, and also requires special care to prevent staining and discoloration, but it has a singularly luxurious feel. 

For high-end office chairs, look for durable metals and leather upholstery. There’s simply no contest when it comes to the durability, aesthetics and classic feel of a leather chair. 

How much you can expect to spend on high-end office furniture 

Plan to spend anywhere between $1,000-$5,000 on a high-end office desk, depending on the materials and craftsmanship of the desk. A high-end office chair will cost between $1,500-$3,000.

High-end office furniture FAQ

Is a good office chair worth the investment?

A. A high-quality office chair with excellent ergonomics, adjustability and support is one of the singularly best investments you can make in increasing your productivity and health during your workday. Cheap office chairs tend to lead to soreness and fatigue during long hours of work. 

Are executive chairs the most comfortable? 

A. Executive office chairs are tall-backed, which provides more comfort and support for your upper body than other office chairs and task chairs. They also tend to be the plushest chairs with more expensive, ergonomic qualities like lumbar support. 

What’s the best high-end office furniture to buy?

Top high-end office furniture 

Acme Furniture Megan Executive Office Chair

Acme Furniture Megan Executive Office Chair

What you need to know: A comfortable executive office chair crafted from high-quality with an industrial aesthetic that looks sharp in a modern office. 

What you’ll love: 360 degree swivel chair with high adjustibability. Comfortable, padded back and seat with luxury leather upholstery. Highly durable metal frame.

What you should consider: Some don’t find the metal accents on this chair attractive. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Home Depot 

Top high-end office furniture for the money

La-Z-BoyBig and Tall Trafford Executive Office Chair

La-Z-BoyBig and Tall Trafford Executive Office Chair 

What you need to know: High quality craftsmanship, plush pillowing and padded headrests, tall body and advanced design make this high-end office chair from a trusted brand an exceptional office furniture investment. 

What you’ll love: This chair is the standard for plush comfort and superior lumbar support. Wood arms and base, steel casters and bonded leather upholstery give this chair a luxury feel. Able to support up to 400 pounds. Pivoting lumbar support. 

What you should consider: Requires you to assemble yourself, but assembly isn’t difficult. 

Where to buy: Sold by Macy’s 

Worth checking out

Gidian Credenza Desk

Gidian Credenza Desk

What you need to know: A high-end stylish desk in a modern profile designed with quality hardwood, veneer and gunmetal. 

What you’ll love: A simple design from a Macy’s luxury office line. The fossil finish and gunmetal accents on this desk have an industrial feel. Includes removable dividers, keyboard drawer, adjustable shelves, built in power sources and cord management. Assembled for you upon delivery. 

What you should consider: The visual weight of the veneer and metal accents of this desk could easily clash with other design elements in an office. 

Where to buy: Sold by Macy’s 

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