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You can’t go wrong with either an Instant or Oster blender. Both these reliable and reputed brands offer great quality blenders that can be used for blending, cooking, chopping, crushing and other applications.

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Are Instant Pot or Oster blenders best? 

Blenders are great to make tasty smoothies and shakes, but high-end blenders can do a lot more than just make drinks. Some of the modern blenders have evolved to be more versatile and powerful machines, allowing users to make a variety of food items such as vegetable purees, condiments, sauces, pancake mixtures and more. Two of the most popular brands for blenders include Instant Pot and Oster. Both of these brands offer high-quality blenders. Oster blenders are typically more expensive but offer more power and durability. Instant blenders are suited for less powerful applications but offer heating functions.

Instant Pot blender

Instant Pot offers several products including air fryers, rice cookers and air purifiers. One of their product lines is the Instant Pot blenders, offering a variety of models such as the Ace Plus, Ace Nova and Ace 60.

The larger and more powerful Instant Pot blenders come with up to 10 speed settings. In the Instant Pot product line up, the Ace 60 model is the most basic, while the Ace Plus is the most advanced model. Each model of Instant Pot offers something different, so there are plenty of options to choose from. The price of an Instant Pot blender ranges from $70-$160.

Instant Pot blender pros

  • Some Instant Pot blenders offer a self-cleaning mode and built-in safety features like overheat protection.
  • There is a recipe book available that can be downloaded from their website. This recipe book offers more than 1,000 recipes that can be made using the Instant Pot blenders. 
  • The heating function of the Instant Pot blender allows users to cook while blending.

Instant Pot blender cons

  • Some low-end Instant Pot blenders might not offer enough power compared to competitive blenders in the same price range.
  • There can be some durability issues with Instant Pot blenders. In some models of the Instant Pot blenders, users have reported the plastic ring at the bottom can melt due to heating.

Best Instant Pot blenders

Instant Pot Ace Nova Cooking Blender

Instant Pot Ace Nova Cooking Blender

The Ace Nova blender can be used for both hot and cold foods. The customizable cooking temperature gives you the option to either make a frozen dessert or steaming soup. It keeps food warm for up to two hours after blending.

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Instant Blend Ace 60 Cooking Blender

Instant Blend Ace 60 Cooking Blender

The Ace 60 blender is the most budget-friendly Instant blender. It has three manual blending speeds to choose from depending on what you’re blending, such as a smoothie or dip. The Ace 60 also displays the temperature in real time.

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Oster blender

Oster is a well-known brand for its high-quality products including its flagship blender products. Most Oster models offer strong blades for increased durability and powerful motors allowing users to use the product for different functions. The brand is also known for its reliable customer support in case you ever need to claim a return, get a replacement part or have general questions about using the product.

The price of a typical Oster blender might be more compared to a competitive product, but Oster blenders offer great value for money given the high durability, sleek aesthetics, and powerful performance. Oster blenders have a wide price range. You can expect to pay as high as $250 for a high-end Oster blender, however, the most basic model starts as cheap as $15.

Oster blender pros

  • Oster blender parts are easily available, so if your Oster blender has a faulty or broken part, you should have no issues getting a replacement part.
  • Most models of Oster blenders come loaded with features offering flexibility to users. This includes a pulse setting that offers an ultra-fast speed for blending, ice crushing mode, a dedicated button for mixing protein shakes and smoothies and several other features that offer a customized blending.

Oster blender cons

  • One of the key features missing in Oster blenders is the hot and cold function which allows users to cook while blending. The Oster models are also missing the keep warm function found in competitive blenders.
  • More Oster blenders are going to be more expensive than comparable blenders offered by competitors.

Best Oster blenders

Oster Versa Pro

Oster Versa Pro

The high-quality Versa Pro by Oster has a 1400 watt motor providing enough power for most types of blender applications. The 8 cup capacity should also be more than enough for family use.

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Oster Classic Series Blender

Oster Classic Series Blender

If you are looking for a simple, affordable, yet high-quality blender, consider buying the Oster Classic Series Blender. It offers 5-speed settings with a 700 watts motor. The motor offers enough power for most basic blending tasks. 

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Should you get an Instant or Oster blender?

For price sensitivity buyers, the Instant pot blenders are going to be more appealing as most comparable models of Instant are cheaper than competitor products. If power and durability are more important than price to you, you might want to consider buying the Oster blender. Keep in mind that high-end Instant pot blenders also offer powerful motors. Even with the higher price tag, the Oster blenders are missing the heating function which might be an important function for many users. With its more affordable models and the heating function, the Instant pot blenders might have a slight edge over Oster blenders.


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