The best fall garland


Garland is one of the most popular fall home decorations. Elevate an autumn porch or mantel with seasonal signs, candles and figurines.

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Which fall garlands are best?

Seasonal garlands have become a staple for festive holiday home decorating. Fall garland comes in a variety of styles and makes a pleasing addition to both indoor and outdoor decor. It can be wrapped around a staircase handrail or porch columns. You can even use them to decorate a mailbox post.

The top choice for a cheerful fall garland is the Thanksgiving Decorations Golden Maple Lighted Fall Garland. This indoor/outdoor fall garland is perfect for fall displays or anywhere that could use a little additional light. 

What to know before you buy fall garland 


Fall garland typically features items that are commonly associated with the season. Pumpkins, berries and leaves are at the top of the list for fall garland style trends. Some may even feature greenery that also be used during the Christmas holiday. Whether searching for fun, formal or lighted pieces, there are many options to fit in with your decor.


Fall garland can be hung in a variety of places throughout the home. A mantel above a fireplace is a classic location for seasonal garland. Door frames, staircase banisters and above mirrors are other common areas decorated with fall garland. A unique option for displaying fall garland is accessorizing a table centerpiece or runner. Thanksgiving is a great holiday for using fall garland as table decor. 

Reusable or single-use

Consider the benefits of reusable fall garland over garland that is made to be disposed of after being used one time. Single-use decorations are less expensive than reusable fall garland. However, a reusable fall garland is of far greater value than repeatedly purchasing garlands year after year. Reusable garlands are also much higher quality and more realistic looking than disposable fall garland. 

What to look for in quality fall garland 

Fall leaf garland 

One of the most popular fall garlands on the market are fall leaf garlands which are designed to look like autumn foliage. Fall leaf garland is a safe bet for a crowd-pleasing seasonal accent. Look for a fall leaf garland with accents such as pine cones, pumpkins and berries that are intertwined with seasonal leaves. Maple leaves are one of the most common styles of autumn foliage. Fall leaf garland is versatile and can be used throughout the entire season. 

Outdoor fall garland 

When shopping for an outdoor fall garland, keep in mind how you plan to hang it. Common methods for hanging a fall garland outside may include adhesive hooks, brick clips and metal doorway hangers. 

Weight and length of the garland are two important considerations. Opt for a lightweight garland if you plan to use adhesive hooks. However, if a metal doorway hanger will be used, then a heavier garland will be just fine. 

Also, keep in mind that outdoor fall garland will be exposed to the weather. Look for a durable and water resistant fall garland for decorating in climates where inclement weather is common.  

Fall garland with lights 

One of the best selling styles of fall garland currently on the market are those with built-in lights. This garland requires either a battery pack or electrical outlet for operation. Solar options are also available. Garland lighting may feature string lights or electric candles. 

Considerations when purchasing fall garland with lights may include:

  • Waterproof battery packs.
  • Light timers or automatic shutoff. 
  • Multiple light settings, such as color changing, brightness or flashing modes. 

How much you can expect to spend on fall garland 

Expect to spend as little as $5 on thinner disposable fall garland and as much as $100 on a thicker, high quality reusable garland, with multiple options in-between.

Fall garland FAQ

Are there any safety concerns with garland?

A. The two most important safety considerations to keep in mind when searching for a fall garland are fire safety and choking hazards. If small children are in the home, make sure the fall garland is out of reach. Never leave a small child unsupervised near a fall garland that has tiny embellishments, such as berries. 

Also consider fire safety when hanging fall garland with light strands. If lights become hot after being plugged in for extended periods of time, they may pose a fire hazard. Also, be extremely careful when lighting candles near a stand of garland. 

What is the best way to hang fall garland? 

3M Command hooks

A. Removable adhesive hooks, such as 3M Command hooks, are the top choice for hanging garland without damaging walls and leaving unwanted marks. Attach adhesive hooks about 12 inches apart around a door frame, mantel or wall. For best results, gently clean the area with a wet rag or alcohol wipe before attaching the adhesive strip. It is also a good idea to wait a couple of minutes for the adhesive to bond to the wall before hanging garland. 

What are the best fall garlands to buy?

Top fall garland 

Thanksgiving Decorations Golden Maple Lighted Fall Garland

Thanksgiving Decorations Golden Maple Lighted Fall Garland

What you need to know: This 9-foot maple leaf string light garland comes with a waterproof battery box, 13-setting remote control and an automatic shutoff timer. 

What you’ll love: Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, this fall garland creates a charming atmosphere for a variety of occasions

What you should consider: It takes three AA batteries for operation. 

Where to buy: Amazon 

Top fall garland for the money

72-Inch Fall Berry Garland 

72-Inch Fall Berry Garland 

What you need to know: This 72-inch sage berry garland can also be used as a fall wreath, mantle topper or table decor. 

What you’ll love: Suitable for both indoor and covered outdoor use, the berries and twigs look realistic and festive.

What you should consider: This garland is shorter than some others on the market. 

Where to buy: Bed Bath & Beyond 

Worth checking out

August Grove Maple Leaf Garland 

August Grove Maple Leaf Garland 

What you need to know: This maple leaf garland strand is 6 feet long and can be used to decorate a mantel, banister, doorway or almost any other area during the fall season.

What you’ll love: The leaves look very realistic and can be used both indoors or outdoors as fall decor. 

What you should consider: Comes with a higher price point for seasonal garland.  

Where to buy: Wayfair


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