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Map scales that help users calculate the distances from point A to point B and are called map legends or map keys.

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Which map art is best? 

For those who dream of travel or enjoy reflecting on it, there is map art to decorate your home. Whether you are looking for a map you can mark to display adventures you’ve had, or one that speaks of future adventure, decorating with map art is easy and educational. 

When purchasing the best map art, consider the location you wish the map to reflect, how it is designed and what it is made from. If you are looking for uniquely designed and durable map art, the Awesometik 3D Wood World Map Wall Art Decor is the top choice.

What to know before you buy map art


Before purchasing map art, consider which area you would like to feature. You can buy a map of the world, a country, a region or a city. Large world maps typically feature broad information while some city maps are more detailed, with street names and popular locations. 


Map art features various layouts and designs. The best map art will let you customize it to show where you have been. Some maps of the world have a minimalist design that doesn’t feature names or boundaries, while others label countries, capitals, and physical and geographical boundaries. If you live with children and plan to display the art in a central location in your house, consider the educational value of a map that is entirely labeled. 


The material map art is made from will determine its price, design and durability. Map art made from wood will be sturdier while you’ll want to be more careful when transporting and hanging canvas maps. Sometimes the material affects how easy a product is to hang. Before purchasing map art, consider which material would match the rest of the items in your space and how long you would like it to last. 

Also consider its size and weight. The more lightweight the material, the easier the item will be to carry and transport. And you’ll want to measure your space and the item to make sure it will fit where you plan to use it.

What to look for in quality map art


The best map art is durable and hangs in a sturdy manner. If you plan to hang it on your wall, consider durable materials such as command strips so you don’t damage the wall. Wooden wall maps are sturdier than canvas or paper, but they are heavier, too, so they may be harder to transport and hang. The more secure and durable the map art is, the longer it will last.  


Good map art comes in many different color and style options. Some maps set apart countries with different colors and others are entirely black and white. A neutral-colored map is good for those unsure of where they want to put the map. You can hang a map as part of a theme or let it stand out as a pop of color. 


Map art is often interactive — created for users to note the places they have been with markers or pins. This can spark interesting conversation with visitors. 

How much you can expect to spend on map art

The best map art can cost $25-$600 depending on its style, materials and level of detail. Map art that is extremely detailed and uses durable, quality material will be priced higher. 

Map art FAQ

Can map art be educational as well as decorative?

A. Map art can be educational depending on what information is included. For example, a map that features geographical or physical borders, as well as the names of the countries and bodies of water, will help those who view it learn these facts. Detailed maps are especially educational for children.

How do you know the scale of a map? 

A. The scale is located in the map’s bottom right corner, detailing how many centimeters or inches are equal to kilometers or miles, depending on what’s used in the country where the map was made or sold. This will either be called the key or the legend. Using the scale lets users determine the distance between two places. 

What’s the best map art to buy?

Top map art

Awesometik 3D Wood World Map Wall Art Decor

Awesometik 3D Wood World Map Wall Art Decor

What you need to know: This item is available in several sizes and colors. It is made with birch plywood and features multiple map locations. 

What you’ll love: This map lets travel enthusiasts mark the places they have been, can serve as an educational tool for children and is easy to set up. It comes with sticky tape that will hold the pieces to the wall. Some options come with the countries’ names on them, but there is an option to purchase a map without the names. 

What you should consider: Some buyers noted that the color received was not what is on the website. 

Where to buy: Amazon

Top map art for the money

World MapBy Fireside Home- Picture Frame Graphic Art on Canvas

World Map By Fireside Home

What you need to know: This handmade wooden map art features a quote below the depiction of the countries: “The best journeys lead you home.” 

What you’ll love: This product is easily cleaned with a damp cloth and is lightweight, making it easy to hang. It is made with spruce plywood.  

What you should consider: It doesn’t list the countries’ names and only comes in one color and orientation. 

Where to buy: Wayfair

Worth checking out

Classic World Map- Wrapped Canvas Graphic Art

Bungalow Rose Classic World Map 

What you need to know: This canvas wall map arrives ready to hang and the canvas is made with durable material designed not to stretch over time. It features the names of all the countries and their boundaries. 

What you’ll love: It’s lightweight for easy setup, transporting and storage. It features a grid format and can be used for educational purposes as well as decor. 

What you should consider: It only comes in one color, style and size, and you must handle it with care when transporting so as to not tear the canvas. 

Where to buy: Wayfair


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