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Which curtain tiebacks are best?

Sometimes you want to add a decorative touch to your curtains, and other times you simply want to keep them open to enjoy the view. In either situation, curtain tiebacks get the job done. 

These simple window dressing accessories wrap around curtains to alter their position. They are typically fabric, but some are constructed of wires or rigid materials like metal, wood or plastic. While some tiebacks are straightforward, models like the Elrene Amelia Tassel Tie Back have a high-end design that enhances the overall appearance of a window treatment. 

What to know before you buy curtain tiebacks

Using curtain tiebacks is a simple and stylish way to keep your curtains open, but there are a few considerations to factor in before you buy. 

How many curtain tiebacks do you need?

As a standard rule of thumb, you only need one tieback per curtain. Tiebacks are available in different quantities, with the most common options being one, two, four, six or eight per pack. 

How heavy are your curtains? 

Curtains made of lightweight materials are easy to hold with tiebacks. However, those constructed of thick materials or are fairly long can be heavy and require strong tiebacks also made of thick materials with strong closures. 

Ways to use curtain tiebacks

The standard way to use tiebacks is to keep curtains open. This is accomplished by sliding each curtain to the side of a window and attaching a tie back. However, tiebacks can also be used to alter the way curtains drape or hang down over a window. An example is to tie a single curtain and place it down the middle of a window to create a modern look. 

What to look for in quality curtain tiebacks


There are several different tieback closures, each designed to be simple to operate and hold a curtain in place. 

  • Magnetic closures rely on magnets on each end to keep the tiebacks secure. 
  • Some curtain backs have clips that snap in place once wrapped around a curtain. 
  • Rigid tiebacks hold in place with pins or sticks.
  • Some tiebacks come with hooks that screw into a window frame. Once wrapped around a curtain, loops on the end tie back are placed on the hooks to keep the curtain in place. 
  • Tiebacks with built-in wires twist around a curtain to put it in an open position. 
  • Some curtain tiebacks work with a loop and ball closure. When the tie back is wrapped around a curtain, the ball is slipped through the loop to hold it in place. 


Various fabrics are the most common materials used to make curtain tiebacks. They offer flexibility for wrapping around a curtain and keeping it in place. Thin or thick options are available to accommodate lightweight or heavy curtains and come in cords, ropes or braided designs. 

Flexible metal wires are also used to make tiebacks. They are typically covered in fabric to prevent the metal from snagging curtain fabrics. The thickness of metal tiebacks depends on how well they hold back heavy curtains. 

Tiebacks with stick closures are made of wood, plastic or other rigid materials. Although stylish, these tiebacks typically don’t work well on thick, heavy curtains. 


Curtain tiebacks are available in just about any color to match curtains and room decor. The color options include neutrals that are quite versatile. 


Curtain tiebacks serve a practical purpose, but some add a decorative touch while doing their jobs. tiebacks that fall into this category often have embellishments like rhinestones, tassels, beads, floral and other patterns.

How much you can expect to spend on curtain tiebacks

Most curtain tiebacks aren’t very expensive, and cost $5-$30 for packs of two, four or six. However, some high-end options are $40 or more for just one or two tiebacks. 

Curtain tieback FAQ

What are the differences between curtain tiebacks and curtain holdbacks?

A. While a tie back is made to wrap around a curtain to tie it away from a window, a holdback has a U-shaped structure that attaches to a wall to hold a curtain from covering a window. 

What should I consider when choosing curtain tiebacks for sheer curtains?

A. Because sheer curtains aren’t usually extremely heavy, just about any curtain tiebacks will be effective at keeping them open. When it comes to a design, delicate tiebacks with tassels or embellishments are nice for sheer curtains. 

Keep in mind that thick or wide tiebacks may be too heavy for lightweight sheer curtains, and may slide off them. 

What are the best curtain tiebacks to buy?

Top curtain tiebacks

Elrene Amelia Curtain Tie Back

Elrene Amelia Curtain Tie Back

What you need to know: If you are looking for a curtain tieback as stylish as it is functional, this is an unbeatable choice. 

What you’ll love: This curtain tieback boasts an elegant tassel style that’s available in several colors. Its durable construction is suitable for fairly heavy curtains. It’s easy to use too. 

What you should consider: Considering you only get one per pack, this tieback is pricey. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Macy’s

Top curtain tiebacks for the money

Niceec Magnetic Curtain tiebacks, 2-Pack

Niceec Magnetic Curtain tiebacks, 2-Pack

What you need to know: These budget-friendly magnetic tiebacks have a decent variety of colors and quantities. 

What you’ll love: Magnetic closures make these curtain tiebacks straightforward to use. They come in numerous color options, so it’s easy to find an option to match curtains and room decor. Choose from packs of two, four or six ties.  

What you should consider: These are not ideal for very heavy curtains, as the magnets may pop open. The design is somewhat bulky. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Bali Rope Curtain tiebacks, 2-Pack

Bali Rope Curtain tiebacks, 2-Pack

What you need to know: These attractive curtain tiebacks do a good job keeping curtains in an open position. 

What you’ll love: The stylish rope design of these tiebacks works well for most curtains. Included hooks provide reliable security for heavy curtains. Choose from several neutral colors that pair well with different room decor. 

What you should consider: Hooks may be a little challenging to install in hardwood window frames. 

Where to buy: Sold by Kohl’s


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