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Aside from corn, plastic and recycled materials, whisk brooms have historically been made of sorghum, grass, palm and any other available plant matter.

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Which whisk brooms are best?

Whisk brooms are small, easy to handle and perfect for tight corners and delicate messes. They should be sturdy and well constructed so they don’t fall apart and leave more debris behind. When choosing one of these handy devices, be sure it’s something that works well and will last for a while.

The Rubbermaid Commercial Corn Fiber Whisk Broom is the best one available for just those reasons. It’s durable and perfect for cleaning indoor and outdoor spaces.

What to know before you buy a whisk broom

When to use it

It’s important to know what messes are right for a whisk broom so you clean effectively. Whisk brooms are best for small piles and areas that aren’t easy to get into with a long broom. Places such as under tables, fabric areas like seat cushions, inside cars and along baseboards are all great spots to use a whisk broom. It’s also excellent for art or woodworking spaces where you need a clean surface free of small dust particles.

Indoor vs. outdoor

Brooms made of corn are best for outdoor use because the fibers are thicker and more durable. If you’re strictly using it indoors or in the car, you can go with plastic instead. You can use a plastic whisk broom outdoors, but the rough ground will shorten the lifespan of the tool.


Some whisk brooms are much bigger than others. Corn ones tend to be the longest, while plastic ones can be as small as your hand. Mini ones are perfect for easy storage in small rooms and cars. How much space you have to store it is an important factor as well.

What to look for in a quality whisk broom


The most durable corn whisk brooms are reinforced with stitches and wound with wire to keep the bristles from falling out. Plastic ones should have fibers that are small enough to catch almost everything, but not so delicate that they’ll easily break under pressure. They should be firm enough to effectively take care of messes, but not so firm that they won’t conform to the surface. The small handle should be thick enough to grab and use without slipping out of your hand.


Corn whisk brooms often have a metal loop on the top for easy hanging and storing, but they rarely come with a dustpan to snap into like plastic ones typically do. Pan sets are the simplest to use and store, but they can take up more space if the two pieces don’t properly snap into each other. These items are usually so small they can fit into most cupboards, closets and the pockets on the backs of car seats.


Aside from the standard plastic and corn fibers, whisk brooms are also made of recycled material or bamboo. These tend to hold up just as well and are more environmentally friendly. The attached dustpans usually are plastic, but be sure it’s thick enough that it won’t crack upon frequent use.

How much you can expect to spend on a whisk broom

Whisk brooms are relatively inexpensive. They typically cost $5-$20, depending on the quality and rarity of the materials and included accessories.

Best whisk brooms FAQ

What can a whisk broom be used for?

A. Whisk brooms are best for small debris in tight or enclosed spaces. They’re also great for kids to learn how to clean up their own messes and help around the house.

Are whisk brooms good for cleaning up liquids?

A. Most whisk brooms are not good for liquid messes. The bristles are too fine to effectively clean up anything that isn’t at least partially solid.

What are the best whisk brooms to buy?

Top whisk broom

Rubbermaid Commercial Corn Fiber Whisk Broom

Rubbermaid Commercial Corn Fiber Whisk Broom

What you need to know: This traditional whisk broom is shorter and more durable than most others and perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

What you’ll love: It has a metal ring for easy hanging storage. The two rows of stitching keep the corn fibers together so they won’t leave a mess while cleaning. It’s straight-edged and great for heavy dirt and debris.

What you should consider: It doesn’t come with a dustpan. Some of the bristles can fall out after frequent use.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top whisk broom for the money

Home-X Mini Broom and Dustpan Set

Home-X Mini Broom and Dustpan Set

What you need to know: This plastic broom and dustpan are small and compact, which makes them perfect for cars and particularly small spaces.

What you’ll love: The broom neatly snaps into the dustpan. It’s small and sturdy with polypropylene bristles. It’s great for easy storage in small places. It’s also perfect for kids to use and a good tool to keep in classrooms for small spills.

What you should consider: The dustpan can be hard to use and detach from the broom.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Full Circle Tiny Team Mini Brush & Dustpan Set

Full Circle Tiny Team Mini Brush & Dustpan Set

What you need to know: This recycled mini broom has a unique design and bamboo handle.

What you’ll love: The broom easily locks into the storage pan. The circular handle is great for leverage and easy to grab on to. The plastic bristles are durable and sturdy. The pan lies flush against the floor for simple and quick cleaning.

What you should consider: The bristles can be too soft to take care of bigger messes.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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