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There were forty proposed designs before production settled on the final Moana necklace. Concept art of some of these designs are available online.

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Which Moana necklaces are best?

Disney’s “Moana” is the cinematic story of a young teenager who goes on a seaward adventure to prove themself as a wayfinder and savior of their people. The necklace was an important item throughout the film and contained the heart of Te Fiti and the spirit of Moana’s people. Many artists have crafted pendants inspired by Moana’s necklace, and PerleDelBosco’s Open/Close with Removable Heart of Te Fiti Necklace best captures its likeness with their handcrafted piece.

What to know before you buy a Moana Necklace

Although Moana belongs to Disney, many sellers of the Te Fiti heart pendant are not associated with the franchise. Depending on the artistry of the necklace and who produced it, the jewelry may have small pieces unsuitable for young children. Both Disney and unassociated sellers tend to incorporate small beads into their necklaces that could be choking hazards for young children. If looking to create a Moana costume, remember that her entire outfit or any other Disney princess can be bought as a set.

Authentic merchandise

There are dozens of Moana style necklaces floating around ecommerce sites. Very few of them are authentic products from the Disney Store. Although Disney has released a few versions of the necklace, other people have crafted necklaces that may be preferred.  

Small pieces

Moana’s necklace features pearls and other small pieces. Some of these necklace designs are also battery operated with opening and closing parts, meaning it may not be safe for very young children. The recommended age is 6 and up.

Costume sets

If a Moana costume is in the works, buying the necklace separately may be necessary. Check if the costume already has a necklace or not before purchasing to prevent ordering duplicate merchandise.   

What to look for in a quality Moana necklace

A quality Moana necklace should have features akin to the necklace from the movie. It should open to reveal the heart of Te Fiti and light up. The stone should also be bigger than a typical pendant, filling most of your palm when held.

Mechanical features

Moana’s necklace should open to feature a small green stone, or heart of Te Fiti. Necklaces designed with the ability to open and close are able to function closely to their movie counterpart. Either a plastic clasp or duo magnets perform this feature.


The Moana necklace should have a soft green glow coming from Te Fiti’s heart, again to match its movie counterpart. Te Fiti created the life and islands of the people in Moana, and its spiritual quality is best represented by a stone that can do the same. Some necklaces light up with battery-powered bulbs, while others glow in the dark.


If the intention is to find a necklace most befitting the depiction from the movie, the size of the necklace should be taken into account before purchasing. The pendant in the movie fills most of Moana’s palm when it is held. Be careful not to accidentally purchase a small pendant that was not crafted with those proportions.

How much can you expect to spend on a Moana necklace?

The cheapest Moana necklace can be found for $8. However, most range from $15-$25. High-quality necklaces that glow and open like Moana’s from the movie cost more than $60.

Moana necklace FAQ

What kind of stone is in Moana’s necklace?

A. In the movie, Moana’s necklace is an ancient gem, a heart that manifested in pounamu stone. Recreations of the necklace in real life use small pounamu stones, plastic, clay, resin or other commonly used materials. The case enclosing the stone is an abalone shell.

What does Moana’s necklace represent?

A. The abalone shell over the blue stone is supposed to represent the land and the sea respectively. The stars carved on the top represent Moana as a wayfinder for her people.

What’s the best Moana necklace to buy?

Top Moana necklace

PerleDelBosco’s Open/Close with Removable Heart of Te Fiti Necklace

PerleDelBosco’s Open/Close with Removable Heart of Te Fiti Necklace

What you need to know: A handmade and handwoven Moana necklace made of fimo and finished with acrylic colors and transparent gloss.

What you’ll love: The necklace is magnetized and can be opened and closed. The stone inside is removable and coated in luminescent pigment to make it glow in the dark. Even the chain is handwoven and embedded with carefully placed pearls. Customers revere the care that went into making this necklace. There is a non-removable stone version of this necklace also available by the seller.

What you should consider: Since the stone is removable, it is also possible to lose. Making the stone glow in the dark costs extra.

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy

Top Moana necklace for the money

Joy Day Moana’s Magical Necklace

Joy Day Moana’s Magical Necklace

What you need to know: A Moana necklace and flower hair clip come with this purchase. The necklace pendant is made from resin and the chain is made from faux leather and plastic pearls.

What you’ll love: This necklace captures the likeliness of Moana’s necklace for a very low price. It is made with a pretty resin stone and even comes with an additional hair clip.

What you should consider: This necklace does not light up or open like the one from the movie. It is not made of long-lasting materials, and the paint can chip off.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Disney Moana’s Necklace Heart of Te Fiti

Disney Moana’s Necklace Heart of Te Fiti

What you need to know: This Disney product that can open and light up with the push of a button.

What you’ll love: This necklace is more of a toy than a necklace and is made for children aged 3 and up. It can open and close and the “Te Fiti heart” inside will glow with green light. Batteries are included.

What you should consider: It is entirely made of plastic and does not have the realistic quality that other Moana necklaces may have. Some people claim it is uncomfortable to wear due to the material.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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