Which hard-drive bag is best?

If you have already purchased an external hard drive for preserving valuable and irreplaceable data, it’s obvious that you are a proponent of “safety first.” Purchasing a hard-drive bag will help ensure that your HDD or SSD stays safely intact during transit or in storage. 

The AmazonBasics External Hard Drive Carrying Case, our top choice, makes storing medium and large hard drives and their cables safe and easy.

What to know before you buy a hard-drive bag

A hard-drive bag isn’t foolproof

For those who are unfamiliar with the physical components of hard drives, there are two basic types: the Hard Disc Drive, or HDD, and the Solid State Drive, or SSD. While the SSD is superior to the HDD by almost every measurable metric, they are both vulnerable to damages from falls and impacts. HDDs are even more at risk for damage due to their use of moving parts.

It is certainly true that placing your external hard drive in a protective hard-drive bag significantly reduces the chances of physical injury or water damage. However, many hard drive bags offer little protection from hazards like exposure to corrosive liquids or static. While a hard drive bag is certainly better than letting the drive float freely in your purse, bag or backpack, it is hardly immune to potential risks. Once stowed in your bag, store your equipment in a safe place.

Off-brand or brand-specific bag

Just like with any protective equipment or case, your hard-drive bag should provide needed protection while not significantly encumbering your daily routine. Off-brand hard-drive bags are utilitarian and often adjustable in order to fit several different models inside. However, some hard-drive bags that are suited to house hard drives of varying sizes and manufacturers may not always offer an ideal fit. A hard-drive bag designed specifically for your model means form-fitting protection for your device. 

What to look for in a quality hard-drive bag


While you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, you also shouldn’t ignore obvious warning signs because of a bag’s attractive appearance. For instance, you might trust a trendy mesh bag to organize various cables, but you shouldn’t rely on one to protect your hard drive when accidentally being splashed by liquids or dropped on a hard surface.

While there are various advantages to having a well-constructed hard-drive bag, it is just as important to consider both the materials used as well as its overall appearance and design. A hard case exterior provides excellent defense against drops and impacts, but may not always prove watertight. Materials like PU or polyurethane-coated leather provide great protection against water, but without layers of anti-shock protection materials, your hard drive could suffer damage if dropped.

Anti-theft measures

Being prepared can help you to avoid drastic and unforeseen circumstances. When it comes to protecting your valuable data from being damaged or stolen, a hard-drive bag with built-in security measures may help you avoid disaster.

A simple but effective means of physically securing your hard drive bag to your person is a lanyard and carabiner. They are widely used today because they are very effective for keeping valuables close to hand. A carabiner can also allow you to attach your hard drive bag to a briefcase or other bag. 

Storage options

Whether you are in need of sturdy elastic straps that will keep your precious hard drive from moving around or need extra storage space for all your cables, MicroSD cards and other peripherals, there are a variety of hard-drive bags that meet your needs. Some features you’ll find are interior straps, padded dividers and fabric-lined mesh compartments. 

How much you can expect to spend on a hard-drive bag

Depending on the features you want, as well as any budgetary considerations, a simple hard-drive bag can cost $6-$25. Larger or multipurpose bad may be more expensive. Prices for these styles are typically $15 and up.

Best hard-drive bag FAQ

Is PU leather a good choice for a hard-drive bag?

A. Since PU leather is commonly used in industrial applications and construction of other heavy-duty products, it makes an ideal material for keeping your delicate external hard drive safe from harm.

What does having a “shockproof” case actually mean?

A. While you might easily think that shockproof refers to electrical damage, it is actually a measure of its resistance to damage. This can include anything from minor falls and bumps to being dropped from a significant distance without damaging its contents.

What’s the best hard-drive bag to buy?

Top hard-drive bag 

Amazon Basics External Hard Drive Carrying Case

AmazonBasics External Hard Drive Carrying Case

What you need to know: This popular hard-drive bag offers great protection for medium and larger hard drives.

What you’ll love: This unit offers a fabric-lined mesh pouch, as well as an elastic interior strap to ensure your devices remain in place. It sports an attractive slimline design, making retrieving it from a larger bag extremely easy. 

What you should consider: Users have reported issues with the bag being smaller than described, as well as issues with zippers breaking easily.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top hard-drive bag for the money

Lacdo Hard Drive Carrying Case

Lacdo Hard Drive Carrying Case

What you need to know: This affordable hard-drive bag is great for traveling and offers impressive protection for the price.

What you’ll love: Constructed from PU leather water resistant material, this bag has a built-in accessory pocket and elastic straps, making it easy to secure accessories like devices, SD cards and cables. The built-in soft sleeve case and strap with a dual buffer layer is suitable for a wide variety of hard drives.

What you should consider: Users have reported issues with the elastic bands snapping, as well as problems fitting larger hard drives.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Ginsco EVA Hard Drive Carrying Case

Ginsco EVA Hard Drive Carrying Case

What you need to know: This hard-drive bag is ideal for owners of Seagate external hard drives of varying sizes.

What you’ll love: Compatible with any Seagate 2.5″ SSDs from 1TB to 5TB, this bag has double zippers and an internal mesh pocket for convenient accessory storage. Constructed with EVA materials, this lightweight and easy to carry bag protects against drops, dents, knocks, impacts, scratches and bumps. 

What you should consider: Users have reported issues with the zippers popping open when pressure is applied

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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