6 most popular eye-makeup products at Sephora

Eye Makeup

Eye shadow has a two-year shelf life, which is relatively long compared to other eye makeup products.

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Which popular eye-makeup product at Sephora is best? 

A wide spectrum of beauty products let you unleash your inner artist with your face as a canvas. Eye-makeup products include mascara, eye liner, eye primer, eye shadow and under-eye concealer. With the combination of these products, there is no limit to the makeup looks that you can create. Sephora partners with multiple makeup artists to create products that allow for full experimentation and looks, ranging from classic to edgy. 

When in pursuit of the best eye-makeup products on Sephora, consider both the product’s color and its purpose. 

What to consider before buying a popular eye makeup at Sephora


Buy colors to fit the occasion and that make your eyes pop. For example, browns and purples make green eyes stand out. If you are going for a more subtle look, consider eye-shadow palettes with neutral colors versus bright, bold colors. If the event you plan to attend calls for bold, consider a palette that features many colors in shiny and matte tones. There are no rules when it comes to the combination of liner, mascara and eye shadow you decide to create. A good brand will provide multiple options for color regardless of its purpose. 


Many makeup products work to elevate your eyes when creating a makeup look. 

Mascara: Mascara comes in many colors, with the most popular being variations of blacks and browns. Look for one that complies with Sephora’s certified Clean beauty standards so you don’t irritate your eyes with toxic chemicals. Some mascaras feature lash lengthening and strengthening ingredients. Choosing a mascara can be a process of trial and error since everyone’s eyelashes are different. The Sephora website’s description of the product will let you know if the mascara will lengthen, separate, or give a curled look to your lashes. 

Eyeliner: Eyeliner comes in different forms and can be used to create multiple eye-makeup looks. Pencil eyeliners come in many colors and provide good coverage to the area of application. These require a makeup-pencil sharpener for extended use unless they are retractable, and can be used inside the waterline, the line of skin between the eyelashes and the eye. Gel eyeliner is less popular than a pencil or liquid liner but has been known to provide long wear. Gel liner can be hard to concentrate in a line depending on the tool used for application. A liquid eyeliner provides the most precise line, does not cake and goes on easily and smoothly. The only downfall to a liquid liner is that it’s more likely to smudge. When purchasing a liner, opt for a waterproof liner so it doesn’t leak into your eyes and irritate them. 

Eye shadow: This is the most versatile eye-makeup product. Eye shadow can be purchased individually if a specific shade is needed or if you’re going for a minimalistic look. Eye-shadow palettes typically come themed, with colors that can be used to create looks from neutral to bright and bold. The pigments can be sparkly and shiny or matte. The best eye-shadow palettes feature a wide array of colors that will let you create any makeup look you desire. 

Eyelid primer: Eyelid primer provides longer, more pigmented wear for your eye shadow. With the use of a primer, any makeup products that go on the eyelid will go on more smoothly and will look fresh longer before fading or smudging. Sometimes an eyelid primer brings a subtle, dewy look, but it is mostly for making the eye shadow look its best for the longest time. 

Most popular eye-makeup products at Sephora prices

The most popular eye makeup at Sephora is priced $5-$50 depending on its size, purpose and brand. If the brand is more popular and the best ingredients are used, the product will be more expensive. 

Most popular eye makeup at Sephora FAQ

Is it dangerous to share eye makeup with someone else? 

A. Yes, it can be dangerous to share eye makeup with someone else. The eye is easily irritated or infected. Using a shared makeup product near it allows for increased spread of bacteria, which can cause pink eye and other irritations. For safest use of all eye makeup products do not share them with anyone else. 

What does “pigmented” mean in reference to eye shadow? 

A. The more pigmented a product, the more vibrant the color. The pigment of an eye shadow refers to its color. If the color is patchy, goes on slightly sheer or fades quickly it is not pigmented. Sometimes this is purposeful depending on the shade. If a color is advertised to look bright and vibrant but goes on sheer and patchy, it is not correctly pigmented. 

Most popular eye makeup at Sephora

The most popular eye makeup product at Sephora is the Sephora Collection Eye Love Eye Shadow Palette. This item holds its rank in popularity due to its clean ingredients in regards to eye safety and its wide range of pigmented shades. 

Sephora Collection Eye Love Eye Shadow Palette

Sephora Collection Eye Love Eye Shadow Palette

This eye-shadow palette features neutral shades. You can use a pigmented brown while also experimenting with shimmering shades. The colors work to complement one another and there’s a bold black that can be used to create a smoky eye or a multipurpose liner. This product is formulated without parabens for your eyes’ safety and allows for the creation of pigmented looks as well as soft, natural looks.

Sold by Sephora and Amazon

Sephora Collection #Eyestories Eye Shadow Palette

Sephora Collection #Eyestories Eye Shadow Palette

This eye-shadow palette comes in a mini set of six colors that are used to tell the story of the American Southwest landscape. It features subtle neutral colors and a pop of emerald green. Each shadow name reflects the ideal it is trying to portray in nature. The palette provides matte and shimmer eye shadows for varied looks and is affordable.

Sold by Sephora

Tartelette In Bloom Clay Eye Shadow Palette

Tartelette in Bloom Clay Eye Shadow Palette

This eye shadow features multiple neutral shades that can be used to create no-makeup makeup looks as well as a bold, smoky eye. The shadows are pigmented and vary from matte to shimmer. This palette was tested for safety by dermatologists and is made with Amazonian red clay for added pigment.

Sold by Sephora, Ulta Beauty and Amazon

Make Up For Ever Artist Color Eyeshadow

Make Up For Ever Artist Color Eye Shadow

This palette features multiple colors and shades of pigmented pressed eye shadow. It comes with matte, metallic, satin, shimmer- and glitter-finished shadows for experimenting with various looks. The palette is able to be refilled and the brand gives you 121 color and shade options to choose from.

Sold by Sephora

Sephora Collection Makeup Match Brow Brush

Sephora Collection Makeup Match Brow Brush

This product features a brush on one end and an angled tip on the other that can be used to define the eyebrows as you brush them to create the best shape. The bristles are made with a cruelty-free synthetic substance and are best used with cream and powdered eyebrow products.

Sold by Sephora

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat All Over Brightening Concealer Pen

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat All Over Brightening Concealer Pen 

This popular concealer goes on sheer and works to brighten the look of dull, dark circles. It works to hydrate and smooth the look of the skin around the eye and gives users a natural highlight. It comes in many different shades.

Sold by Sephora


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