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For the best look, opt for a wooden baby gate that matches your home decor.

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Which wooden baby gates are best?

When it comes to young kids, keeping them out of danger is of the utmost importance. However, finding a convenient and stylish way to childproof your home can be a hassle. Functional and stylish, wooden baby gates combine a timeless look with sturdy construction to keep your child safe. If you are in the market for a durable wooden baby gate, check out the Dreambaby Nelson Swing Gro-Gate.

What to know before you buy a wooden baby gate


Since baby gates are intended for use in heavy-traffic areas, most models are relatively durable. However, people with large pets or a rambunctious toddler may want a model with a scratch-resistant finish and heavyweight construction. While these tend to be a bit more expensive, they are more likely to last a while. 

Mounting system

Most baby gates feature either a hardware- or pressure-mounting system. While both create a secure barrier, you may find that one works better for your household. 

  • Hardware-mounted: These gates typically come with the hardware and require some tools for assembly. While this takes time, hardware-mounted gates directly attach to your walls, creating a sturdy barrier likely to withstand the wear and tear of daily use. Hardware-mounted gates are the optimal choice for security, though removing them can cause some wall damage. 
  • Pressure-mounted: Designed to cause minimal wall damage, pressure-mounted gates use an extendable bar and lock system to create a pressured hold against  the wall. This style tends to be more affordable and less consuming, and they can be moved around easily. They will, though, require frequent adjustments. 


To get the most for your money, opt for a baby gate that’s expandable. While these tend to be more expensive, they are designed to grow with your child and are sized to fit a variety of entryways. 

What to look for in a quality wooden baby gate


For the best experience, opt for a gate that features a full-swing door. With a full-swing hinge and a lockable frame, you’ll have the best convenience without sacrificing your child’s safety.  

One-hand operation

Designed to be easy to maneuver, most one-hand-operation gateshave a simple pull lock that lets you quickly open the door and pass through without having to fiddle around. 

How much you can expect to spend on a wooden baby gate

Expect to spend anywhere from $40-$120. 

Wooden baby gate FAQ

When is it safe for me to remove my baby gates?

A. Baby gates are recommended for use with children under age 2. If you live in a home with stairs, you may want to keep your gates up until your child can safely navigate the stairs on their own. However, all baby gates should be removed once the child’s chin is the same height as the top of the gate. 

When do I need to put up a baby gate?

A. It is recommended that baby gates be put up once your child begins crawling or is between 5 and 6 months old. 

What are the best wooden baby gates to buy?

Top wooden baby gate

Dreambaby Nelson Swing Gro-Gate

Dreambaby Nelson Swing Gro-Gate

What you need to know: This expandable blond-wood gate grows with your child, making it the perfect childproofing purchase for nearly any home. 

What you’ll love: Featuring durable wood construction and easy-mount hardware, this gate is designed to keep your child safe for a number of years. Its frame expands from 30 to 48 inches so it can grow with your child from infancy into toddlerhood. It has one-hand operation and its mounting hardware keeps it locked into place on doorways, staircases or hallways. 

What you should consider: Its door is designed to swing in both directions, which may not be the best for some entryways. 

Where to buy: Sold by Kohl’s

Top wooden baby gate for the money

Evenflo Position & Lock Baby Gate

Evenflo Position & Lock Baby Gate

What you need to know: This affordable baby gate is extra tall, making it great for households with children or large pets.

What you’ll love: This pressure-mounted gate offers durable construction and a classic look. It’s expandable from 31 to 50 inches across, ideal for nearly any doorway, hallway or staircase. It’s available in tan or brown. 

What you should consider: It lacks a built-in door, so it may not be the best gate for heavy-traffic areas. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Summer Infant Decorative Wood & Metal Baby Safety Gate

Summer Infant Decorative Wood & Metal Baby Safety Gate

What you need to know: Functional and stylish, this decorative baby gate is perfect for anyone looking to childproof their home without sacrificing its aesthetic. 

What you’ll love: This 32-inch tall gate comes with three extensions, letting it fit openings from 36 to 60 inches wide. An easy-install mount system uses pressure pads for a solid installation that does little damage to your walls, and you can operate the full-swinging door with one hand. The gate is available in two gray or a pine-slate combination. 

What you should consider: Don’t push or pull on the door when it’s locked — the pressure may bust the hinges. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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