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Try pairing your Adidas track jacket with a pair of Adidas joggers for a lightweight workout set.

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Which Adidas jackets are best?

As a reputable sports brand, Adidas has built an empire when it comes to sports equipment and quality clothing. One of the most popular articles of Adidas clothing would be their array of jacket options. Thanks to the quality of the product and the diverse catalog of jackets, you are sure to find an Adidas jacket that fits nearly any lifestyle or climate. 

If you are in the market for a quality Adidas jacket for light wear, our top choice is the Adidas Tiro 21 Track Jacket.

What to know before you buy an Adidas jacket


Since Adidas is a reputable brand, you can rest assured that any genuine Adidas product is going to use the highest quality fabric available. Typically, Adidas jackets are made using polyester, cotton, nylon, or a mixture of all three materials. These fabrics help to ensure the lightweight feel, warmth, and breathability of each jacket. 

Types of Adidas jackets

Thanks to their large catalog of jackets, there are Adidas jackets for nearly any type of weather. Whether you are looking for a heavy, warm jacket or want something a little more lightweight, there is sure to be an Adidas jacket that fits your needs. 

Track: The most popular Adidas jackets, track jackets are great for casual wear or game-time warmups. Made using polyester and nylon, these jackets are breathable, lightweight, and flexible. While these jackets offer significantly less warmth than other options, you can always layer your track jacket with an Adidas hoodie for some added warmth and comfort. 

Puffer: Constructed using a water-resistant nylon exterior with down-cotton lining, puffer jackets are perfect for winter weather. Although these jackets are a bit heavier than other options, the comfortable feel and breathable design make them great for long-term wear. 

Windbreaker: Made for windy days, Adidas windbreakers use a lightweight nylon construction that keeps winds at bay without being overly heavy. Most models of Adidas windbreakers are pullovers with an elastic waistband and a hood for added protection. 

Rain: The lightweight feel and waterproof security of Adidas rain jackets, make them great for rainy days in the city or in the countryside. With a nylon exterior, double-down seans, and a cotton inner lining, Adidas rain jackets are 100% waterproof and comfortable. 

Fit of Adidas jackets

As with any article of clothing, finding the right fit is the key to choosing your ideal Adidas jacket. While everyone is different, these general descriptions will provide a little insight into the different fit styles of Adidas jackets.

Regular fit: A classic fit, regular fit jackets are made to hit at the hips and the curve of the shoulders. These regular fit jackets are great options for more professional wear. 

Big & tall: Marketed as the ideal fit for tall individuals, the big and tall fit offers a longer torso and wider cuts on the shoulders and hips.

Oversized: The perfect option for casual wear, an oversized fit offers a below hip cut with a slightly wider shoulder cut. While some jackets are made with an oversized fit, you can also size up in a regular fit jacket to get the same comfortable oversized feel. 

Slim-fit: Made for workout gear, slim-fit jackets offer the same hip and shoulder cuts but have more curvature in the torso area. The lightweight feel and flexibility of slim-fit jackets are sure to keep you comfortable and stylish during intense workout sessions. 

What to look for in a quality Adidas jacket

Moisture-wicking material

Since Adidas is a sports brand, moisture-wicking properties are common in most jacket materials. As a general rule of thumb, Adidas jackets that utilize polyester or nylon tend to boast the highest moisture-wicking capability. If moisture-wicking capabilities are of the utmost importance to you, then an Adidas track jacket would be the best option. 


Depending on what type of jacket you are looking for, water-resistant or waterproof materials may be important. While most Adidas track, windbreaker, and puffer jackets are water-resistant, they are not fully waterproof and likely won’t keep you dry in heavy rain. However, Adidas rain jackets utilize double-down seams, zippered pockets, and GORE-TEX nylon, making them fully waterproof. 


With worldwide popularity, the Adidas logo is sure to be known everywhere and recognized by everyone. This worldwide reputation and recognition make logo placement and design an important factor when it comes to choosing your jacket. While the design you choose is largely based upon your preference, there are an array of different designs available. 

If you prefer a more subtle nod to the Adidas brand, then a small front logo or three stripes down the arm may be the best choice for you. If you prefer larger, unique designs then a large logo across the front or back may be the best choice. Most jackets also come in an array of color options.

How much you can expect to spend on an Adidas jacket

Depending on the type, material, and design of the jacket, you can expect to spend anywhere from $50-$250 on Adidas jackets. The more lightweight Adidas jacket options tend to be less expensive while heavyweight puffer or rain jackets can cost anywhere from $100-$250.

Adidas jacket FAQ

How do I wash my Adidas track jacket?

A. Adidas track jackets are machine-washable, but there are a few guidelines you can follow to maintain the quality of your jacket. When washing your jacket, be sure to use a gentle cycle and avoid washing your jacket with any towels, denim, or clothing with zippers. It is also recommended you use a powder detergent over liquid, as liquid detergent can cause discoloration when applied directly to the jacket. After washing your jacket, you can run it through a low-heat dryer setting or leave it out to air-dry. 

What can I do to keep the Adidas logo white after washing?

A. To maintain the color of the logo your best bet is to wash your jacket in cold water and use the extra rinse cycle setting. Cold water helps to set colors in clothing while hot water tends to cause color bleeds and discoloration. 

What’s the best Adidas jacket to buy?

Top Adidas track jacket

Adidas Tiro 21 Track Jacket

Adidas Tiro 21 Track Jacket

What you need to know: This slim-fit Adidas track jacket is the perfect option for anyone in search of an affordable, high-quality jacket. 

What you’ll love: The moisture-wicking polyester materials in this jacket make it the perfect option for workout gear. With a lightweight construction and slim-fit, this jacket is breathable and offers a stylish look. The front-zip pockets are a nice addition for added security. Available in a variety of colors, anyone can find an Adidas track jacket they will love.

What you should consider: Since this jacket is cut to be slim-fit, it will run a little tight. If you want a slightly looser fit, it is recommended that you size up in purchasing. 

Where to buy: Sold by DICK’S Sporting Goods

Top Adidas rain jacket

Adidas MYSHELTER Rain Jacket

Adidas MYSHELTER Rain Jacket

What you need to know: A waterproof jacket with a streetwear look, this jacket is sure to keep you dry and looking stylish.  

What you’ll love: The nylon exterior and double-down seams along the zipper of this jacket ensure 100% waterproof coverage. The added hood is great for taking on active rain, but can be easily stowed away into the neck pocket once the rain has passed. With two zippered exterior pockets and an interior pocket with a headphone channel, this jacket offers plenty of on-the-go storage. 

What you should consider: This jacket is only available in two different color options and has a small logo design. This jacket is more expensive than other Adidas jacket options.  

Where to buy: Sold by DICK’S Sporting Goods

Top Adidas puffer jacket for winter

Adidas Men's Helionic Hooded Jacket

Adidas Men’s Helionic Hooded Jacket

What you need to know: This puffer jacket is perfect for outdoor adventures or everyday wear. 

What you’ll love: The down-insulation and nylon exterior construction provide reliable warmth and water-resistance, keeping you warm and dry no matter the elements. The insulated hood is a great addition for added protection and warmth in winter weather. Made to be lightweight, these jackets provide incredible warmth without being bulky. 

What you should consider: This jacket is available in two different color options but only has a small Adidas logo along the chest, offering little variety in design choice. 

Where to buy: Sold by DICK’S Sporting Goods

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