Best unicorn costume for kids


Some costumes are easier to wash than others. If your child has multiple Halloween events to attend where they will be wearing their costume, it is a good idea to get a costume that is easy to clean.

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Which unicorn costumes for kids are best?

Is your child still looking for a great Halloween costume this year? Unicorns are a wildly popular choice among the kiddos. You can find these costumes in a variety of styles, and there is sure to be one your child will absolutely love. There are adorable unicorn onesies, funny inflatables and pretty tutu options. With the Spooktacular Creations Inflatable Unicorn, your child will appear to be riding a unicorn of their own. 

What to know before you buy a unicorn costume for kids

Limit your child’s choices

If you will be purchasing your child’s costume online, vet a few good options ahead of time and have your child choose from them. That way, you can limit their choices to those costumes that you can afford and that will be comfortable for your child to wear. This can help ensure that your child doesn’t fall in love with a costume they can’t get. 


Before showing your child different unicorn costumes, think about narrowing your choices to those that are appropriate for your seasonal weather. If you are in a cold climate, costumes that have full-body coverage are ideal. Onesies that have fleece lining will keep your child warm while trick-or-treating. For warmer climates, costumes made of breathable fabrics work well. 


Some costumes are easier to wash than others. If your child will wear their costume to several Halloween events, it is a good idea to get a costume that is easy to clean. Machine washable is always the most convenient option. Any costumes that specify they are spot-clean only will be much more difficult to keep looking their best. 


The great thing about Halloween costumes is that they can keep your child entertained far beyond just the one holiday. If your child loves to play dressup, then finding a costume that won’t easily fall apart will get you the most bang for your buck. 

What to look for in a quality unicorn costume for kids

Inflatable unicorn costumes

There are a few options for inflatable unicorn costumes. One is a costume where your child is the unicorn. These typically feature a full unicorn body with a hole for the child’s face. Another option is an inflatable where the wearer of the costume appears to be riding a unicorn. This type of costume usually comes with an air pump and requires batteries or a portable power bank. 

Tutu unicorn costumes

This is a great choice if your child loves all things glitter. This type of unicorn costume features a fluffy, multicolor tutu and a headband with a horn and ears. The tutus are usually rainbow and sometimes even lighted. Some costumes in this category come with extras like a wand, wings or crown. 

Unicorn onesies 

If you have an active child, a unicorn onesie is a practical choice. The onesies are adorable, but they also don’t have any parts that are going to fall off or get lost while your child runs from house to house. These can also double as pajamas or loungewear the rest of the year. 

How much you can expect to spend on a unicorn costume for kids

For a onesie or tutu unicorn costume, you can expect to spend $20-$30. If you choose an inflatable costume, expect to pay $35-$50. 

Unicorn costume for kids FAQ

How do I know what size to order?

A. Always check the manufacturer’s sizing chart before ordering a costume for your child. Some costume sizes won’t match the size you are used to buying for them in a store. It can be helpful to read the reviews for the product you’re considering. Often, reviewers will mention if the product runs small or large. 

When should I order my child’s costume to make sure it arrives in time for Halloween?

A. The short answer is: as soon as possible. If a costume is mass-produced, then it should be ready to ship out when you order. For a costume that is made to order, you should check the product description. Most sellers will let you know about how long it takes to create and ship your order. 

What’s the best unicorn costume for kids to buy?

Top unicorn costume for kids

Spooktacular Creations Inflatable Unicorn

Spooktacular Creations Inflatable Unicorn

What you need to know: This cute costume allows your child to be a princess riding a unicorn. 

What you’ll love: Your kid will have a blast in this fun costume. It comes with instructions, an air pump and a princess hat. There is a pocket inside the costume to hold the battery pack that keeps the costume inflated. 

What you should consider: This costume is best for ages 4 to 10. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top unicorn costume for kids for the money

Tutu Dreams Sequin Unicorn Dress

Tutu Dreams Sequin Unicorn Dress

What you need to know: This unicorn costume is perfect for kids who love sequins and glitter. 

What you’ll love: This costume comes with a tutu dress and unicorn headband. The silk lining in the top makes for a soft and comfortable fit. The costume comes in sizes for ages 1 to 10. Your child can wear it multiple times because it is hand washable. 

What you should consider: Buyers have reported the costume runs small and suggest going one size larger than normal. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Sunny Boutique Miami Unicorn Rainbow Onesie

Sunny Boutique Miami Unicorn Rainbow Onesie 

What you need to know: This is a cute unicorn onesie with the option to have your child’s initials embroidered on the front. 

What you’ll love: There are a variety of cute colors to pick from for this onesie, including rainbow, pink and blue. The hood features a unicron face, ears and horn. There is also an attached mane and tail. 

What you should consider: You can only clean this onesie by hand washing it. 

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy


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