Best Thanksgiving outfit for women


Figuring out what to wear for Thanksgiving can be complicated. Pick an outfit that makes you feel good and gets you geared up for the holiday season.

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Which Thanksgiving outfits for women are best?

With the holiday season right around the corner, it’s a good time to start thinking about upcoming events. Whether you’re traveling or staying in town, one of the hardest things to decide on is what to wear, especially when it comes to Thanksgiving. You want to be comfortable, yet classy. That’s why it is a good idea to start prepping now.

What to know before you buy an outfit for Thanksgiving

You will want to base your outfit on the type of event you are attending. If it is a formal celebration, it’s a good idea to select something that is both stylish and polished. If the festivity is casual, pick something cozy and cute. If the dress code falls somewhere in between, a dressy look is for you.


If the Thanksgiving event is formal, there are a few things to consider. With colder weather, you will want to know if a meal is going to be served outside or inside. If it is going to be outside, it’s important to know if there will be heaters or if it’s going to be held under a tent. 

For outdoor dining, choosing a coat or shawl with the appropriate shoes is necessary. Avoid heels that will sink into the grass, as well as short dresses. Selecting a longer dress or classy pantsuit can also help keep you warm.

If the feast is going to be held indoors, you have a little more flexibility in choosing your outfit. If the weather is mild, you can opt for a cocktail dress or one with a shorter hemline. 


A casual Thanksgiving dinner is the easiest to shop for, but there are still plenty of cute Thanksgiving outfits to choose from. That can make it hard to narrow it down to your favorite pick.

If you’re joining a fest with friends that you know well, it might be simple to throw an outfit together. If it’s a group that you’re not as familiar with, you can easily pack a little punch to an otherwise plain outfit with some cute accessories. 


Choosing Thanksgiving outfits for this genre can be a  bit tricky, but is a common look for celebrating Thanksgiving at a restaurant. A good rule of thumb here is to prep like you’re going on a first date. You want to look put together, but not like it took hours to get there.

You can never go wrong with finding a look that fits well or is tailored to flatter your shape. Classic pieces with splashes of trendy items can go a long way in creating the perfect outfit. 

What to look for in Thanksgiving outfits for women

Whether you’re attending a dressy dinner, a casual party or something in between, there are a few things to contemplate.


Above all else, you want to be comfortable on the holiday. Beyond showing gratitude and giving thanks, the day typically includes copious amounts of food consumption. 

In season

Thanksgiving outfit ideas for women are endless. To narrow it down, select clothing that represents your fall season style and leave the summer dress in the closet.


Since much of the day will be spent eating and drinking, find an outfit that’s low-maintenance. If you spill something on it, make sure that you can easily wipe it off with soap and water without ruining the garment. If it’s an item you want to wear again, it’s a good idea to get something made from easy-to-clean materials..

How much you can expect to spend on a Thanksgiving outfit

If you are looking to purchase a new outfit, you can expect to spend anywhere from $29-$145.

Thanksgiving outfits for women FAQ

What if I don’t know the dress code?

A. It’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed. Chances are, if the event was a black-tie affair, you would more than likely be informed. Selecting something in the dressy category is usually a safe pick. Throwing on a blazer or bolero can easily level up any outfit. 

What if I have more than one Thanksgiving event to attend?

A. Try to get as much information about each event as possible. You don’t want to show up to a house full of football fans in cocktail attire, just like you wouldn’t want to arrive at a five-star restaurant in a jersey. Find some middle ground and perhaps pack an extra set of clothes, just in case. 

What’s the best Thanksgiving outfit for women to buy?

Formal outfit

Velvet Surplice Dress by Lauren Ralph Lauren

Velvet Surplice Dress by Lauren Ralph Lauren

What you need to know: This lined, knee-length velvet dress is the perfect pick for any weather.

What you’ll love: It is easy to take off and on just by pulling it overhead with no extra buttons or zippers to deal with.

What you should consider: This dress is dry-clean only, so you will need to be cautious not to spill while drinking and dining.

Where to buy: Sold by Macy’s

Casual outfit

Nina Leonard Solid Ankle Jumpsuit

Nina Leonard Solid Ankle Jumpsuit

What you need to know: It comes with pockets and is ankle length, allowing it to work with flats or booties.

What you’ll love: The simulated pearl front-button closure is the ideal small detail to take this look up a notch, and the garment is available in three different colors.

What you should consider: It’s not lined, so if you’re going to be in a colder climate, be sure to bring an item of outerwear to provide an extra layer of warmth.

Where to buy: Sold by Kohls

Dressy outfit

Pleated Skater A-Line Mini Dress by Angashion

Pleated Skater A-Line Mini Dress by Angashion

What you need to know: This long-sleeve dress is a great transitional piece, combining winter white with fall florals. 

What you’ll love: It’s swingy and flowy, so it won’t be constricting on the holiday.

What you should consider: It is a lighter color, so be careful at the dinner table. It also comes in blue if you don’t quite trust yourself with white.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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