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Terry cloth gets its name from the French word tirer meaning to pull out. This refers to the pile loops pulled out by hand to craft the absorbent toweling that we now know as terry cloth.

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Which terry cloth bathrobe is best?

Bathrobes have become the staple for comfort and convenience around the home. Their dual purposes as bath towels and fashionable loungewear make them a must-have among many consumers. 

In particular, the plush and absorbent nature of the terry cloth bathrobe can make bathtime feel like a luxurious experience. But how do you know which bathrobe is suitable for you? 

Well, the results are in, and if you’re looking for the best terry cloth bathrobe that money can buy, then look no further than the versatile, durable and baby-smooth texture of the  Luxor Linen Bathrobe available at Amazon

What to know before you buy a terry cloth bathrobe

Bathrobes are available in a wide range of styles, and prices can range considerably. Before you start shopping for a terry cloth bathrobe, you should consider the length, size and design of your robe.

Doing so can save you a ton of time and energy by skipping over bathrobes that don’t flatter your body. 


Terry cloth bathrobes typically come in knee-length, mid-calf and ankle lengths. You should always choose the length that you’re most comfortable with. Remember that these lengths may not be accurate to your height, so always reference the sizes listed in the description.


Bathrobe sizes are not standard across the industry, so it’s critical to pay close attention to the manufacturer’s size chart. You should also consider the purpose your robe will serve. You may opt for a bigger robe if you’re going to use it for staying dry or a smaller one if it’s more for loungewear. 


The design styles for terry bathrobes are infinite, so deciding on a style before shopping is critical. Are you looking to recreate the spa experience? You may like a solid white look. Do you want to stay consistent with your current bath theme? There are several options to choose from that can pair well with your decor.

What to look for in a quality terry cloth bathrobe

No two terry cloth bathrobes are alike. Some key differences distinguish high-quality robes from others. When you’re searching for the best terry cloth bathrobes, you should consider the following qualities.

High-grade cotton

Cotton or cotton-polyester blend fibers are the materials used when creating terry cloth bathrobes. The better the quality of the cotton used, the more comfortable and durable the material will be. Egyptian cotton is one of the best types of cotton for bathrobes.

High GSM

Grams per square meter or GSM is used to measure the density of bathrobes. The higher the GSM, the heavier, softer, and more absorbent your bathrobe will be. The ideal terry cloth bathrobe will have a GSM of over 600. This number can range from 300 to 900. 


Make sure that your bathrobe is machine-washable before taking it off the shelf. Your robe’s main job is to keep you clean, not the other way around.

How much you can expect to spend on a terry cloth bathrobe

A terry cloth bathrobe can cost you between $30-$50 or more. The price is heavily based on the materials used and the GSM. 

Terry cloth bathrobe FAQ

What does a terry cloth bathrobe feel like? 

A. Terry cloth bathrobes are large, long loops of cotton crafted to be extra thick and soft, like a plush, absorbent blanket. Their cotton blend fibers are perfect for keeping you warm indoors during cold weather or retaining your body heat after a shower.

How do I care for my terry cloth bathrobe?

A. You should not treat your bathrobe like clothing. Wash your bathrobe only as needed to prevent fading and wearing of the fabric. When you do wash it, it’s recommended that you use a delicate setting.

What are the different types of terry bathrobes? 

A. Terry cloth and terry velour are two types of terry bathrobes available. The main difference is that terry velour has a velvet appearance and is significantly less absorbent than terry cloth.

What’s the best terry cloth bathrobe to buy?

Top terry cloth bathrobe 

Luxor Linens Terry Cloth Bathrobe

Luxor Linens Terry Cloth Bathrobe

What you need to know: This bathrobe embodies the luxury experience of a high-end spa, while providing the durability to last you for years to come.

What you’ll love: This bathrobe is made from 100% Egyptian cotton and boasts a 700 GSM, making it extremely plush and absorbent. It can also be customized with monograms for a personal touch. 

What you should consider: The bathrobe only comes in either white or gray and is expensive compared to other terry cloth bathrobes on the market.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon.

Top terry cloth bathrobe for the money

Amazon Pinzon Terry Bathrobe

Amazon Pinzon Terry Bathrobe 

What you need to know: This terry bathrobe gives you all of the luxuriousness of a high-end brand within a price range you can afford.

What you’ll love: This bathrobe is incredibly soft and breathable, quickly becoming your favorite loungewear item. It sports a plush shawl collar increasing the comfortability level ten-fold. It’s also machine-washable, making care that much easier.

What you should consider: This bathrobe has a GSM of 360, meaning it’s less plush and absorbent than more high-end items.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon. 

Worth checking out

Lacoste Classic Pique

Lacoste Classic Pique

What you need to know: This bathrobe comes in various vibrant colors, making it easier to find the best shade for you. 

What you’ll love: Its soft and lightweight material makes lounging comfortable and convenient. Gone are the days of worrying about stuffy fabrics or feeling weighed down by your robe. You also have pockets for convenient storage.

What you should consider: This bathrobe may not be ideal for taller individuals, as the hemline is particularly short.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon.


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