MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — The city of Mobile wants to hear from people in the Toulminville area as the community holds a neighborhood planning workshop. We want to talk about improvements there.

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Bill: Well, the city of Mobile wants to hear from people in the Toulminville area as community holds a neighborhood planning workshop. We want to talk about improvements there. Councilman Cory Penn is with us this morning on the Red Couch to talk about what people can expect in these workshops. Good morning. Good morning. How you doing? Glad you’re here. And getting up early with us.
Appreciate it very much. This is a look at an area of town that like a lot of areas of town, they probably need some improvements. What are the things we’re looking at.

Mobile Councilman Cory Penn: So our goal is to create a vision and values and prioritize the different things that the Toulminville citizens want to see in the community. And so this workshop is going to do that.
We’re going to create a plan. We’re going to create a document that we can work towards now and in the future.

Bill: Now, does this go beyond normal city things like street paving and things like that? Or what are we talking?

Councilman Cory Penn: We’re dealing with education. We’re dealing with business owners, everyone that lives in the Toulminville community. We want this the first time in the history of Mobile that we have an everybody’s come to the table.
Let’s create a plan and let’s work towards that together. Not just one particular group where everybody working towards it.

Bill: Now, before we get too far, I want to mention exactly when and where this is taking place.

Councilman Cory Penn: Yes. So this is going to be held at LeFlore high school on tomorrow at 6 p.m.

Bill: And you’re inviting anybody to come to this workshop.
But what are some of the ideas that you expect to hear from people in that area.

Councilman Cory Penn: You know, we’re going to be talking about education. I think that’s a major component. Going to be also talking about beautification. We’re going to be talking about a lot of different things that help create a stronger Toulminville community. And that’s our goal. We want to hear from the citizens and we want to do it together.
And so we’re not really going to be doing a lot of talking. We want to hear from them and we’re going to take that information. We also brouht a consultant in, and that consultant will gather that information and then work towards helping creating that plan.

Bill: Yeah. Toulminville encompasses a pretty big area in your district. How big it how big are we talking about here?

Councilman Cory Penn: It’s one of the largest communities in the city of Mobile. And that’s why is so important to have this model done in the Toulminville community so now we can take it to other communities as well.

Bill: All right. So it’s tomorrow night at 6:00 at LeFlore High School. You prefer standing room only. Get the best of the best here from everybody.

Councilman Cory Penn: Yeah. And we’re going to have an opportunity going to have tables there where people can write, plan and put information. So we want to gather that information. So we have everybody that come out be a part of change. This make Thomasville strong.

Bill: There you go. Draw some pictures if you want to. That’ll be that’ll be easy. Cory Payne, our guest, Mobile City Council, we appreciate you.

Councilman Cory Penn: Thank you so much.