MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Breast Cancer Awareness month continues. We hear from a breast cancer survivor who found out she had breast cancer while she was pregnant.

Stephanie Anderton joins us on the Red Couch.

Read the full interview below or watch it in the video above.

Bill: And we are continuing our Breast Cancer Awareness stories all of this month. And today we will hear from a survivor.

Jessica: Stephanie Anderton was featured in a story last year about battling breast cancer while pregnant. She is joining us this morning on the Red Couch to tell us her story. And you really do have a great story to tell us. Start by Tell us about your diagnosis.

Stephanie Anderton, Breast Cancer Survivor: Okay. So it’s been almost 14 years. It’ll be 14 years later this month. Next week. And so I was 34 newlywed waiting the arrival of my baby Hanna, and found out that I had breast cancer and felt a pain in my left breast and turned out that it was cancer. And just kind of after consulting with some doctors and getting a treatment plan, I ended up having surgery and then a baby and then chemo and then more surgery.
And then kind of grieved the dream of another baby. But I have my Tommy. He came shortly after that.

Jessica; And yours is a story of survival. And that’s what’s wonderful about it. And and you are thriving now. Tell us how your family is doing.

Stephanie: We’re we’re doing great. We’re crazy. But Hannah is 13. Tommy’s 11. We’re just going through middle school just every once during that. You know, my husband, Craig, just, you know, he holds the fort down at home, and I get to continue my dream of flying around the world and working and being a mom. So it’s kind of life is back to normal.

Bill: Having to go through that treatment alone is just by itself is incredible. Being pregnant what kind of challenges did that throw at the treatment plan?

Stephanie: You know, it it did kind of complicate. I think it was new, especially here in Mobile, like, you know, but you always think I’m the only one this has happened to. I’m the first person this has happened to you. And you quickly realize there’s a community of people that have also walked through this. And so you’re not alone.
You’re never alone. But it did complicate things a little bit, just, you know, but not too badly. And so thankfully, I did consult with a few doctors and then decided who I wanted to use. And they all kind of recommended the same treatment plan. So that part of it was really easy. And I really needed a really easy answer.

Jessica: Yes, yes. That you mention that is so important is the community that we’re bringing together all this month for breast cancer awareness.

Bill: It certainly is. And we appreciate you sharing your story with us here on a Red Couch this morning and continued good luck to you.

Stephanie: Thank you. Thanks for having me.