MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — One of the largest Dinosaur exhibits in the country is in Mobile this weekend. Jurassic Quest has been touring the country and they have stopped at the Mobile Convention Center.

Park Ranger Marty and Dino trainer Carolyn joined us in the studio.

Read the full interview below or watch it in the video above.

Bill: Well, the largest and most realistic dinosaur exhibit in the country is at the Mobile Convention Center this weekend.

Jessica: It’s called Jurassic Quest and it’s been touring the country for almost a decade. Joining us this morning to talk about Jurassic Quest is Park Ranger Marty and Dino trainer Carolyn and who is this?

Bill: It’s the dinosaur. I’m sitting way over here. You’re next to the dinosaur.

Jessica: I saw the dinosaur. I started to move.

Carolyn Dino Trainer: This is Cammy, the Camerasaurus.

Jessica: Oh, well, you know, it’s just given me the land before time. That’s really, really cute. Well, tell us about the show this weekend.

Park Ranger Marty: So Jurassic Quest is the largest dinosaur show in North America with by far the most dinosaurs and marine reptiles of any other show. In fact, our ancient oceans exhibit even features a 50-foot-long Megalodon shark. So something you definitely want to see in public. In-person. And we’ve got three baby dinosaurs. We have can be the cameras or here we have Trixie, the Triceratops, Tyson the T-Rex that you can meet.

And we also have our walking dinosaurs show where you can learn how to train a Utah Raptor, which is the largest of the Dromaeosaurs.

Bill: This is crazy. How do you get animatronic dinosaurs? This is just the technology is incredible.

Park Ranger Marty: It is really amazing. And we try to make them as accurate as possible because we want our show to be very educational as well as entertaining. In fact, we have a dino four one one line where you can text your dinosaur questions directly to me. And we also have a fossil table where you can learn the real science of dinosaurs.

Jessica: And that is really neat. All right. Well, tell us about tickets, how you get them. How do you get in the door?

Park Ranger Marty: So tickets are now sold on time slots and the best time slots sell out really quickly. So it’s important to go to Jurassic Quest dot com and get your tickets before they go.

Jessica: Well, tell us about this little guy. What did I want to know? I mean, he looks like he’s listening. He leans in when you’re talking. He’s really impressive.

Carolyn Dino Trainer: Well, she’s not even one yet. She’s just a little baby. But one of the long-neck varieties of dinosaurs. So she’ll be getting too big to hold. Not too long.

Park Ranger Marty: No, he’ll take a very long at all. When she gets to be an adult, she’ll be about 70 feet long. Wow. We actually have some of really large dinosaurs that you can actually ride to for the kids 12 and under. We have some of the largest rideable dinosaurs. We have bounce houses crafts and coloring stations for the kids under two.We have our new Triceratops area.

Bill: Do the kids interact with like the baby dinosaurs?

Park Ranger Marty: Yeah, they actually get a chance to come up and meet them. We’ll have them out throughout different career periods of the day and they can come and actually meet them. A lot of kids like to hug them and pet them. So, yeah,

Bill: So you’re carrying this one but I mean, who will want to walk on the ground?

Park Ranger Marty: Try not to let them on the ground because they get a little out of control?

Bill: They will do that.

Park Ranger Marty: They are dinosaurs.  They are not trained.

Bill: That’s the best answer all morning.

Jessica: Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Tickets starting at $19. The Mobile Convention Center. You don’t want to miss this one.

Bill: Thanks for being here, guys. We appreciate it. It’s Park Ranger Marty and Carolyn with Cammy. Thanks so much.