MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) – Election day, Nov. 8th, will be on us sooner than you think. Mobile County is already looking for people to staff some 80 polling places. Probate Judge Don Davis said his office is actively recruiting people, especially young people to work at the polls.

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Bill: Voters will be headed to the polls sooner than you think. And Mobile County is looking for poll workers to help with the election.

Jessica: Chief election officer Judge Don Davis is here on the Red Couch this morning. Talking about recruiting young people to work at the polls. This is a new kind of recruitment that you’re engaging in right now.

Probate Judge Don Davis: Yes. Back in 2020, Mobile County acquired a system, an electronic system to check in our voters at our polls. And it requires someone that has a background with iPad computers and has a little bit more technical skills than many of our poll workers have had in the past. And so we’re recruiting people for that new position.

Bill: If I’m not mistaken now, no, you get a lot of volunteers. A lot of times they’re retired folks who work at the polls. This is a paid position. Right.

Judge Don Davis: All of our positions in the poll are actually paid. Okay. No one volunteers, but this is a special position that’s been created to provide technical support or computer support for our poll workers at the polls on Election Day.

Jessica: Right. Your bubble and your bubble in the ballot, it’s got to go through the machine. Things can go wrong when you’re dealing with machines. And as Bill pointed out, a lot of the poll workers that you see when you go to the polls to vote, they are retired and maybe not all of them keeping up with technology the way that many young person sliding in there right now.

Judge Don Davis: We saw early this year that half of our poll worker body in Mobile County did not have email and about a third to half of them did not have cell phones.
To give you an idea of the challenges that we have.

Bill: And you’ve also got a challenge in Satsuma, right?

Judge Don Davis: We do. We’re looking for a leader of the Satsuma poll, election poll for this upcoming November election.

Jessica: All right. So if you are a young person or if you are in Satsuma this morning and you want to give some time and it’s a paid position to work at the polls in Mobile County, is there an email address or a phone number they should call?

Judge Don Davis: Yes, call. Mobile County Probate Court 251 574 6080 or

Jessica: And there’s some training to that. Oh yes, definitely. They don’t have to know how to do it going in.

Bill: How difficult is it to have you been losing poll workers here recently because of, say, national events and things that are going on?

Judge Don Davis: Yes, We’ve lost a significant number of poll workers because of the pandemic situation. The violence in other areas of the country has scared some of our poll workers. We had trouble earlier this year in the primary and runoff elections because it interfered with graduations from high school and college.
Again, a lot of our poll workers or senior citizens and their children and grandchildren’s high school and college events. Right. Take priority. Yeah.

Jessica: November 8th is the day in Mobile County. So mark your calendar for that. And if you want to be a poll worker, get in touch very quickly.

Bill: Yes, there you go. Judge John Davis, our guests, thanks for being here. We appreciate it.