MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) – Mobile is full of attractions. But for all the obvious ones, there are others not on the beaten path. A Mobile native, Jodie Cain Smith has compiled a journal of 100 things you must do in Mobile before you die.

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Bill: Well, from Mardi Gras to Bellingrath Gardens to the Battleship, just a few of the attractions things to do in Mobile.

Jessica: And those are the things, you know, there are more. This morning we have the author of 100 Things to Do in Mobile Before You Die. Jodi Smith here with us on the Red Couch. I’m holding your book. I’ve been flipping through it. And you really take us on a tour of Mobile, all the things to do.

Jodie Cain Smith, Author: I try to take you from South Mobile County down in the Bayou with Blessing of the Fleet all the way through West Mobile and downtown Mobile, just to really highlight everything the city has to offer.

Jessica: There’s a lot.

Bill: This is all of the you got some things that are not as well known, I guess, as most people who live here. What are some of those?

Jodie Cain Smith: Well, one of the things that struck me when I was writing and preparing to write and writing this book was how much Langdon Park has turned into Mobile’s Central Park. And I was struck looking at it through a different lens of just you can spend an entire day out at Langdon Park and not actually do everything that’s offered there between the art sculpture trail to feeding the ducks which my son loves to do, all the playgrounds, the tennis center, the botanical gardens, and then renting a kayak to go out on the reservoir.
And I was just shocked. I was like, this is not the park that I ran cross-country, ran cross-country in and high school through all the wooded trails and everything.

Jessica: I like you talk about the good food of Mobile as well, not just where to eat, but what to eat when you get there.

Jodie Cain Smith: Yes. And a lot of people don’t know that fried crab claws and west indie salad was invented here in Mobile.
It did not exist. Those two wonderful things did not exist before Bailey Seafood introduced us to them. Unfortunately, Bailey’s closed. And so now I’m telling people, go to the lighthouse. There they have it, and it’s delicious. Their blue crab claws are so good. Yeah. Yeah, very good.

Bill: Amazing. I tell you what, you want to get the boat where you want to find out meet the authors and ask them all of these questions if we don’t have a lot of time to ask them.Jody and Amy Delchambre will be teaming up together tonight. Mobile Writers Guild and that’s open to the public, right? You can go.

Jodie Can Smith: Oh, yes. Maybe a writer guilds meeting are open to the public and they are free. And so tonight we’re going to be talking about creating nonfiction such as books from Reedy Press, because both of us just had a blast writing them. But there were also some funny challenges and bumps in the road and stuff like that. That we can share.

Bill: You can find out all of that. There you go. Author Jodi Cain Smith with us on the Red Couch. Thanks for being here.