MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) – The South Alabama Jags hit the field for their season opener Saturday but before the game there is plenty to get you into the spirit.

Melissa Wommack came by the studio to show us the five things we can do before the kick off to really enjoy the Jag experience.

Read the full interview below or watch it in the video above.

Bill: All right. The South Alabama Jags are opening their football season tomorrow at home.

Jessica: And while the fans have plenty of excitement from the players during the game, there’s a lot that happens leading up to the game here. Here to tell us about the Jags Game Day experience we have Melissa Wommack and South Paw with five things to do on game day. Thanks for waking up with us.

Melissa Wommack/USA Head Coach Kane Wommack’s Spouse: So glad to be here. We are so fired up for Jags football, right? I’m here with the coolest cat in town and you guys can catch more of him this Saturday at Hancock Whitney Stadium. It’s an experience for the whole family. And so we wanted to share with you and the fans some guide to game day.

So we’re going to start it off. Kick off Saturday is at 4:00, but we want you guys to get there early. Be loud and proud. We’re going to start off at 1130 in the kids corner, which is on the south end of the stadium. We have inflatables. There’s Make your own rally towels. So if you have artists that want to take that into the stadium and wave it around and show their Jags spirit, they can do that.
There’s a mini football field. So I know kids are often looking for where they can get their own touchdown while on campus at the tailgate.

Bill: Yeah, you got to make a make a day of it.

Melissa Wommack: Absolutely. Absolutely.

Jessica; And Bill wants to know if you’re if you go to the game and you’re there early for for the activities beforehand, where do you eat?

Melissa Wommack; Oh, well, most important, right. I’ve heard your survey earlier about your favorite football foods. So we can do that at noon. The food trucks will open. And so we’ve got something for everyone this year. I’m super proud of our gameday environment and all that they’ve done to prepare for that. A variety of food trucks will probably find you there, right?

Jessica: Probably a good place for you South Paw.

Melissa Wommack: That’s right. Check that out. Have a bite to eat and then prepare for one of my favorite parts of game day. And that’s about two and a half hours before kickoff. You’ve packed your sunscreen and your raincoat, like with everything else in Mobile, and get ready to welcome our team onto campus.
So you’re at the tailgate, maybe at the food trucks having a good time and you’re going to see and hear fireworks shot off from the stadium just as if your Jags had just scored a touchdown. And that’s your key to get in place for our JAG Proud. We are the home of Mardi Gras Mobile’s team, so we don’t just walk to the stadium.
We come in on Mardi Gras floats. We’ve got beads, throws, cups, all of it gets you geared up. Exactly.

Bill: You’re making traditions. You say that’s what this is all about. Yes. Really cool. That’s right.

Jessica: What about the tailgate? There’s a tailgate as well.

Melissa Wommack: Yes. And so after you welcome the team on the prowl, you can head over to the south end of the stadium to the ROTC tailgate free food for students for fans ages 12 and over, there’s an inflatable gladiator pit.
Good thing to do with your pre-game energy as well as a rock wall to climb.

Jessica; Do you hear that Bill, there’s 12 and older. Oh really? You can be a gladiator you can climb a rock wall. Good time.

Bill: I’m there. Me and South Paw hanging out.

Jessica; All that before kick off at 4:00 and we don’t want to forget about the game.

Melissa Wommack: Get there early be in your seats there’s so many different components to game day so much goes into it we appreciate all of our entities like our band our cheerleaders are awesome mascots that will be there in great spirit be in your seats to welcome our team.
It’s going to be incredible. It’s a great time to be a part of all that’s going on in Mobile, including your South Alabama Jags.

Jessica: Real quick, tell us how to get the ticket.

Melissa Wommack: Okay, so go to USA Jaguars dot com forward slash game day. That’s your guide to game day as well as tickets. They start at just $10. And as we said, there’s something for everyone.

Bill: A bargain. There you go. All right. Thanks. Thanks, Melissa Womack. And South Paw for being here. He’s going to be the warmest cat on campus tomorrow, I bet.