Mobile, Ala. – (WKRG) – A year’s worth of planning comes to an end on Friday when the Veterans Day events take place. Steve Carey, the head of the Veterans Day Committee joins us on the Red Couch to talk about the activities planned for this year’s Veterans Day.

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Bill: Well, you may have heard us talking about it earlier, but this Friday, the culmination of a year’s worth of work on the Veterans Day events will be on display.

Jessica: Now, the head of the Veterans Day Committee joins us this morning on the Red Couch as we welcome Steve Carey, we are glad you’re here. And there is a full slate of activities in Mobile on Friday.

Steve Carey, Veterans Day Committee: You are right about that. It is a full day and a full, full year planning and hard work. And I’m pretty excited. I mean, we’re going have some great weather, crispy blue skies and kicks off with a flag raising ceremony at the battleship and that’s always good to watch the sun come up in the background. And and then we roll right into downtown Mobile with our parade.
It is the largest parade on the Gulf Coast that starts at 10:00 And that’s a chance for everybody if you’re not in school or if you got a little bit time off from work. Come on down. We don’t we don’t throw anything in the parade. But there’ll be a lot of sights to see from vehicles from Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, dance troupes.
The U.S.A Alabama band is also participating. We’ve got Mobile County as ROTC units a bunch of those will be there, plus a bunch of high school bands. And it’s just going to be a fun time.

Jessica: It is a great thing.

Bill: Have you had a good luck getting people, getting people involved? Everybody wants to be.

Steve Carey: It’s actually pretty easy. I mean, we are coming out of COVID, so you’re kind of, you know, just in the wheels a little bit there and getting folks involved. But we’ve probably got about 60 different participants this year, and we’ll cap that off too, as they come by. Mobile Chamber of Commerce there. We’ve got the tag. Major General Sheryl Gordon is going to be there. She’s a reviewing officer and we’ll have a fly by buy a Mobile Air Training Command, a bunch of aircraft coming over the top of the parade route up and back a couple of times. A little sound of freedom in the sky.

Bill: Quick, quick, shameless plug for WKRG, a new entrant this year, the Beast, whether it be good or bad.

Steve Carey: I know that I’ll be looking for it. Yeah.

Jessica: So now the parade goes on to a luncheon, and that is where veterans are honored.

Steve Carey: Our luncheon is over for Whiting, and that’s about 450 folks. It’s a blend of businesses and citizens as well as veterans. And we have a wonderful ceremony there where we recognize our veteran of the year, which is Lieutenant Colonel Frank Bero. He’s from the Mobile County Public School System head of the ROTC units there. And then Major General Willie will excuse me, Willie Williams will be our Patriot of the year, and they’ll both have a chance to speak to the crowd and tell them a little bit.

Bill: It’s a rousing time. And I think at the end of the day, 3:00 in the afternoon Battleship Park, it’s the parade of flags.And that’s always a fun event.

Steve Carey: I’ll be honest with you. Yeah, it’s a great day. That’s the one event that captures your heart. You’ve got about 200-250, 4th graders. They write essays about what Veterans Day means to them. And this year is kind of a combination because that will have both 20, 21 winners and 20, 22 winners reading their essays in front of the crowd.
The distinguished young woman will be there to do a little kind of pep talk to the kids and I walk away fired up after.

Bill: Oh yeah,

Jessica: That’s fantastic. All right. And then, and then there’s a concert at 7 p.m.. That’s right.

Steve Carey: We finish it up with a concert I you know, I told General Cobb, who’s the battleship director, I said, I wish we could wish we could do it with fireworks in the background, but it’s kind of tough because it’s indoors right now.

Bill: That’s right. Steve Carey our guest, Veterans Day, be there. It’s Friday and a lot of events going on. Steve, thanks very much. Thank you. Thank.