MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) – As we head into summer and our weather heats up quickly, do not forget about your pets! When you walk your dog or pet every day year-round, it can sometimes be easy to forget how hot summer weather can affect them. 

If the air temperature is 77 degrees, the asphalt can get to be over 125 degrees. If the air temperature is 86 degrees, the asphalt can reach over 135 degrees. If the air temperature is just a little warmer at 87 degrees, the asphalt can soar to 143 degrees.

Even though dogs and other animals have pads on their feet, with the air temperature at 77 degrees and an asphalt temperature of 125 degrees, skin destruction can occur in just sixty seconds. 

“So if you put your hand, the back of your hand, on the asphalt, you hold it down there for seven seconds, if it starts burning your hand, your pet does not need to be walking on it.”

Janine Woods, Executive Director of Mobile SPCA

Woods goes on to say that when people get one small burn on their hands, it is very painful. She says imagine all four feet. The pet won’t be able to walk because their feet will be full of blisters. While asphalt temperature is important, air temperature can also be an issue for pets, especially in June, July, and August. 

“And you are walking your dog and its 90 degrees out. He has on a fur coat. Please do not run with your dog….please, please,” Woods adds. 

If you do walk your dog or pet in the summer heat, just be sure you are keeping an eye on them. If they start to pant and lag behind, it is time to stop, get inside, and get your pet some water!