WARNING: Disturbing details, naked man caught on camera creeping near house

Northwest Florida

A Gulf Breeze man is accused of a bizarre disturbing crime, creeping naked around a home on Woodlawn Way, and around the entire neighborhood. Deputies say it’s not the first time either. 

Deputies say the homeowner was alerted to the threat when his home security system sent an alert to his phone. He was shocked to see a naked man creeping around his house. At home were two children and a babysitter. Fortunately, the kids and the babysitter didn’t see what the camera did. Deputies say 63-year-old Joseph Musso, who lives on the same street, was completely nude when he walked so close to the house that the camera system triggered. A still photo from the camera shows him there. 

According to a police report, Joseph Musso was found in a driveway “completely naked and had an erection. He was standing near a red pickup truck and was holding a plastic bottle. The bottle was later identified by Mr. Musso as containing cooking oil.”

The arresting deputy says it was raining as well and when he tried to arrest Musso, he initially slipped away and started running through the yard. As the slippery man ran away in the rain with his bottle of cooking oil, the deputy pulled out his taser and took him down. 

Deputies got him into the patrol car and removed the taser probes from his naked body. Deputies say Mr. Musso confessed to walking the neighborhood in the nude, even walking through a nearby middle school campus. He told deputies that he was sexually gratified by touching himself in the rain. He said he was aroused simply by being naked in the rain, and that he carried the cooking oil because he liked to rub it on his legs. 

Deputies say Musso confessed to walking the neighborhood for about an hour and a half before he was caught, that he had walked through the neighborhood naked once before. He told deputies he prefers to walk naked on Pensacola and Navarre Beach. 

He’s charged with loitering, prowling, lewd and lascivious behavior, resisting an officer, and exposure of sexual organs. 

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