ESCAMBIA COUNTY, Fla. (WKRG) — A cat was rescued from a tree Thursday evening in west Pensacola.

This happened on St. Mary Avenue near Pace Boulevard. It took more than an hour and three separate attempts for Escambia County Fire Rescue to pull the cat from the tree. Nearby business owners say the cat had been in this tree for over a week. 

Firefighters used a ladder to grab the cat after it had previously climbed out of their reach. The firefighter who rescued the cat wasn’t able to take it home, so they contacted animal control to pick it up at the fire station. After the cat was safely on the ground, it enjoyed water and spaghetti.

Once back at the station, firefighters say they chased the cat around for about 45 minutes. Animal Control is coming Friday morning to pick the cat up. They named the feisty feline after the firefighter who rescued it: Paul Guy.