Used car prices still on the rise in Florida and Alabama

Northwest Florida

(WKRG) — Looking for a car right now? Well, it will be harder than ever to find one that fits in your budget.  

Used car prices continue to increase as supplies for new cars remain low and recent car chips are scarce. 

The average prices of cars in Florida and Alabama have risen to about $4,000 more than what it would be normally.

Bill Haven Cars Inc. Buyer Will Hall says, “The car prices have been on a rise for the last 5 years… natural disasters, tax time, then the pandemic hit. With the pandemic, you really got to see the damage.”

According to new reports, Florida used car prices have gone up by 19.2 percent and Alabama 18.5 percent, which is something car dealers like Hall say is out of their control.  

Hall says, “When you start to see a light at the end of the tunnel… you see the chip shortage and when you start seeing dealers paying retail from dealer to dealer… you know something is wrong.” 

For Bill Havens Car Inc. they have not had too much of a problem selling their cars, but they have had to increase their prices within reason. Due to rising shipping and car part cost.  

“Cars that are selling for five grand are stuff you could have bought for 25-hundred dollars. You know they are wrecked, have bad titles, you know just put together,” says Hall.

He also offers some advice for any new car buyers at this time.

“Just do you due diligence,” says Hall. “Go to someone that is reputable. If you got to increase your price a little bit to afford it do it. Get you a good quality good car.”

Some recent reports believe prices could start going back to normal as soon as July, which Hall says the sooner the better for everyone.

“I sure hope it is soon,” Hall adds.

Bill Havens Car Inc. tells WKRG they will continue to keep their prices fair and are not out to price gouge anyone as the issue continues.

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