PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) – The Bay Arts Alliance held its second annual Star Wars Day in downtown Panama City Wednesday.

“Last year we had about 300 people that responded to the event. We had about 500 show up. This year we had 1500 people respond before the event and I think you see it,” event organizer Aaron Rich said.

The event featured Star Wars-themed crafts, soundscapes, and even a lightsaber battle.

“It’s awesome man. It’s really awesome to see all these people get together for a common thing even if it is Star Wars,” event goer Johh Poutre said. “I like Star Wars. I base my whole life around Star Wars. It’s just kinda how I live. I wake up and I say the Jedi code and I go to sleep and I thank Obi Won for my day.”

The event also featured a Star Wars character scavenger hunt.

There were pictures of different characters hidden in local businesses for Star Wars fans to find.

“This has turned into a fantastic thing for these businesses because a lot of people haven’t been into those places so now they are getting to see those businesses and we intend to grow this thing every year,” Rich said. “We are just getting started. So eventually we are going to get this thing bigger and bigger and bigger.”

Rich hopes to eventually be able to grow the event to include St. Andrews and have a light side dark side face off.