MILTON, Fla. (WKRG) — Damaging storms rolled through Santa Rosa County early Thursday morning.

Milton residents awoke to sounds of winds howling and were surprised by the damage caused by powerful, gusty winds. Some gusts could have reached up to 80 miles per hour, according to the First Alert Storm Team.

“It was very scary,” Milton resident Rena Van Ryan said. “It like shredded our neighbor’s tree and part of his tree is in our tree now and half of our tree is in our backyard. In the last six years, a tornado has come through here three times and God has something against that tree, I think.”

Then, the sun rose, shining a light on damage to property in a neighborhood off Avalon Boulevard.

A truck was seen on North 13th Avenue crushed by a tree that fell over during the storm. Its roots were massive.

Planks were also seen piercing the side of a home. Crews worked hard all Thursday morning to clear roadways of debris.

“It was quite a bit of damage on a very short timespan,” Milton resident Kenneth Guffey said. “Maybe three to five minutes and it was over.”

Guffey said Thursday morning he just installed his privacy fence a few weeks ago. After the storms, it’ll need to be put up once again.

Guffey said he’s been through rough weather before and is just glad everyone in his neighborhood is safe.

“When something like this happens, you always got to check on your neighbor,” he said. “If we don’t help each other during the hard times, what are we going to do during the good times?”

Santa Rosa County officials have not reported any injuries as of Thursday afternoon.