MILTON, Fla. (WKRG) — Another local Florida school district is dealing with dozens of objections to library books.

Santa Rosa County is changing its policy to comply with a new law taking effect Saturday, July 1. The district’s current rule allows challenged books to stay on shelves until the review process is over. Under the new law, all districts must remove books within five days if it’s challenged because of sexual conduct.

The group, Moms For Liberty, is challenging more than 60 titles in Santa Rosa County schools.

Several parents, former teachers and residents spoke this month during a school board meeting. The majority of speakers oppose books being removed.

“I do not understand why removing these inappopriate books was not made a top priority and this board seems to be slow walking the process of getting this garbage removed,” said Angie Straughn with Moms For Liberty.

“Books in our libraries are being challenged because they do not fit into the white, Christian, heterosexual, cisgender box that some members of our community feel like they should…well, neither do our students,” said parent and former teacher Kendra Booth.

More than 150 library books are being challenged in neighboring Escambia County.