MILTON, Fla. (WKRG) — Santa Rosa County officials are discussing ways to recruit more paramedics and EMTs.

The county contracts with Lifeguard Ambulance Service. The county commission approved Lifeguard’s request to switch from what’s called a “minimum staffing model” to a “response time model.” This means Lifeguard can now be fined for slow response times. Lifeguard officials said the minimum staffing model didn’t work because they don’t have enough staff.

Now the county is shifting its focus to hire more paramedics and EMTs.

“It’s hard to get paramedics to stay on ambulance if they can go somewhere else and make more money and I know they’re having a hard time staffing right now and we’re going to have to do something to help, someway,” Santa Rosa County Commissioner Ray Eddington said.

Commissioners are now planning meetings to discuss possible pay raises and other ways to solve the staffing shortage.