MILTON, Fla. (WKRG) — Santa Rosa County Animal Services needs your help.

Staff members say they are seeing an increase in kittens coming through the shelter in Milton, 4451 Pine Forest Road, and need fosters who can help take care of kittens until they’re old enough to adopt.

“On a daily basis, we’re getting in anywhere from five to maybe 15 to 20 kittens a day,” said Santa Rosa County Animal Services Chief Randy Lambert. “The kitten season has really exploded this year earlier than it typically has, so we’re seeing a huge influx of kittens coming in.”

Some of the kittens at the shelter are unadoptable right now because they’re too young or too sick. Santa Rosa County animal services is seeking fosters to help keep up with demand.

“[We need] fosters to come in and help the kittens that need a little bit extra attention,” Lambert said. “These are kittens that are a little young. Maybe they need a little bottle feeding. Maybe they have a little upper respiratory issue going on where they just need to be pulled out of the shelter and from there, they’re able to recover.”

Fosters must apply with the shelter to take a kitten home.

“We’re going to help you if you need help,” Lambert said. “We’ll get the medications for them. We’ll get the food if that’s what you need.”

Beyond kittens, the shelter is near capacity and is offering deals to get animals into their forever home.

“We’re adopting dogs and cats for $4,” Lambert said. “We’re saying that’s cheaper than gas.”

For more information about adopt requirements and applications, visit the shelter’s website.