MILTON, Fla. (WKRG) — Some Northwest Florida elected officials are speaking out against the proposed toll bridge over Mobile Bay.

The Santa Rosa County commission has sent a letter to ALDOT as well as Mobile and Baldwin Counties to let them know how they feel about it. They said they don’t think there should be a toll on I-10 which is a major thoroughfare between Alabama and Florida.

They said it would have a major negative impact on Northwest Florida.

“I just have a hard time understanding how that’s a good idea,” said Commissioner Colten Wright. “I think it flies in the face of what our interstate trade system should be. It’s not just about tourists coming in and out of the area and our own residents but that could have a pretty drastic effect on commerce and trade.”

The proposal will include a $2.50 toll for passenger vehicles and $18 or less for trucks.

Following MPO approval of this plan, ALDOT will move forward with the RFQ/RFP, bidding and obligating process for construction. ALDOT will also hold additional public meetings and finalize requisite modeling and environmental documents needed for federal and state regulations.

Construction would begin in late 2023 and be complete by 2028.