UPDATE: According to the Santa Rosa County School District, students at Hobbs Middle School are resuming the school day.

The district said students will remain with their first period classes until after the lunch cycles.

“Students are safe and prepared to resume the school day,” the school district said. “If parents choose to check students out from school, they can do so by accessing the school’s bus ramp. Please have picture ID with you. Checking out will be a slow process, so please exercise patience with school and district staff. Bus riders will go home by bus, as normal, at the end of the school day.”

SANTA ROSA COUNTY, Fla. (WKRG) — Tuesday morning, students and faculty were evacuated from the building at Hobbs Middle School due to a fire in one of the restrooms, according to Santa Rosa County School District.

According to the district, there was heavy smoke in the hallway. They said the fire has been put out as of 8:49 a.m., and the cause is not known yet.

“Parents are encouraged to not show up to the school at this time,” Santa Rosa County District Schools said. “All students and staff are safe and accounted for. The school will provide an additional update to the families within the hour.”