MILTON, Fla. (WKRG) — A teacher who has challenged more than 100 books in Escambia County school libraries is now raising concerns in Santa Rosa County schools.

Escambia County English Teacher Vicki Baggett said she’s been looking into books in districts outside Escambia County. She said she’s found books with pornographic material and books that are inappropriate for students in Santa Rosa County schools.

The board of commissioners has no authority on the matter but Baggett asked them to write a resolution to encourage the school board to take action.

“What are we doing?” Baggett said. “What are we doing to our future leaders of our communities, our cities, our states? Why would this material ever be available to our most cherished asset..our children.”

Parents can restrict book access for their Santa Rosa County students. Starting July 1st, because of a new state law, any challenged books will be removed.