MILTON, Fla. (WKRG) — A proposed rule change would expand the open consumption of alcohol in downtown Milton.

The city currently only allows open containers at special events, such as concerts, but local business owner Steve Dobbs thinks the city could benefit from a regular container policy.

“We have this gorgeous downtown area, we have this beautiful park, the waterfront,” said Dobbs. “The city is looking to expand the boardwalk, they’re looking to build more. This just might be a small way that we can have more people involved in enjoying the area.”

The proposal would allow open containers in select areas of downtown between the hours of 9 a.m. and midnight.

However, in a memo in the ordinances proposal, the Milton Police Chief stated even before the proposed ordinance, they’ve experienced “high call volumes in public areas that included fights, littering, property damage, and drug sales.”

Dobbs believes the ordinance can be implemented safely, and add to the vibrancy of the growing city.

“It’s already nice that a small little town like this has got two breweries in it,” said Dobbs. “There’s enough places that you can go and walk around and enjoy a Friday night, and hit 3 or four places, and not cause problems. Just enjoy life.”

The city will discuss the proposal at an executive meeting on February 6.