Purple Flags flew over Pensacola beaches on Tuesday because of sea lice. 

Experts say sea lice are really the larvae of marine life, like jellyfish. It can be hard to avoid them in the water, but that did not stop people from getting in. One man says he felt the sting.

“Every now and then I’d get a little itch or something,” Eric Clevenger said. “Or a little burn feeling like an itch, but that’s it.”

Monica Kapatch says lifeguards gave her a little piece of advice that might reduce the risk.

“Not to go above your knee length in the water,” Kapatch said. “We stayed close to shore and we were fine.”

Experts say if you do come in contact with sea lice, you should wash your swimsuit and dry it under high heat. Experts also say calamine lotion can help reduce the rash and itchiness.