A nine-time convicted felon has been arrested after Pensacola Police say he pointed a gun at a Family Dollar employee Friday after stealing several items from the store. 

Carlo Floyd, 46, is charged with armed robbery after officials say he stole $50 worth of items Friday from the store on North Pace Boulevard. 

Employees say Floyd entered the front door and grabbed several items and walked out.  Then an employee confronted him and told him to return the items. He returned some but not all of the items and left. 

An employee chased after him and one block away Floyd pulled a handgun from his jacket and said “you better walk away and go back before I shoot you,” according to the arrest report.  

Floyd was found with a bag of Kibbles and Bits dog food, five bags of Tide Pods, paper towels and hamburger buns. 

Floyd has been convicted nine times and two of those were for retail theft, according to police. 

Floyd is in the Escambia County Jail with a $70,000 bond.