PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — A Pensacola man accused of shooting and killing two young adults last week at a Pensacola apartment complex posted on Facebook about “spraying” bullets hours before the shooting happened, according to Pensacola Police.

Tavarras Thomas, 42, turned himself in to police Tuesday night. Thomas is charged in the murders of 24-year-old Cieric Parker and 18-year-old Dominque Bullard.

Parker and Bullard were shot and killed at about 10:40 a.m. on June 22 at Attucks Court apartments off West Cervantes Street in Pensacola. Parker died on scene, while Bullard later died at a local hospital.

A witness told police Thomas had an “ongoing dispute” with Parker, which was gang-related, according to a Pensacola Police Department arrest report. The report says Parker had also made statements to Thomas suggesting there was infidelity in his relationship.

Police say Thomas posted on Facebook 16 hours prior to the shooting, stating: “Want to take a sec to tell (redacted), the bros, and all of ACP that ya boy is sorry for spraying all of y’all cause of what buddy said.”

“That post led me to believe that Thomas was planning this shooting … at Attucks Court Apartments,” an investigator wrote in the report.

Police say the day of the shooting, officers arrived on scene and found multiple spent shell casings. Fresh burn marks were spotted near the rear doorframe of an apartment, which appeared to be from gunfire, according to the report.

One witness reported she heard two gun shots from a handgun followed by louder gunshots, which sounded like they came from a rifle. The witness said she went downstairs in her apartment and heard Thomas yelling and saw him shooting what she described as a “rifle with wood near the end of it.” She told police it was an AK-47 style rifle.

“It should be noted that one of the caliber of the spent shell casings located on the steps of apartment were 7.62 x 39, which is the caliber of ammunition used for a ‘Draco’ style AK-47,” the report says.

The woman told police Thomas was alone when he was standing in between her screen door and interior door shooting in the direction of Parker and Bullard. Before the shooting, Thomas reportedly had asked a child in the area if Parker, or “Cain,” was in fact the man walking alongside Bullard.

After the shooting, the woman said Thomas told her Parker “tried to kill him,” and Parker was now dead.

A second witness listed in the report told police he picked up Thomas shortly after the shooting. The witness told police he has known Thomas for about 30 years.

The man told police Thomas appeared frantic and kept saying he “didn’t know what to do.” Thomas later told the man Parker shot at him and “I shot back at him,” according to the report.

The man asked Thomas why he ran. Thomas reportedly said he was scared and again, “didn’t know what to do.”

“The incident is still under investigation, so we have no definite conclusions yet,” said PPD public information officer Mike Wood when asked about the claim Parker shot at Thomas. “We know that Thomas committed the two murders. What lead up to that is still under investigation.”

Thomas is charged with two-counts of first-degree premeditated murder and is being held in the Escambia County jail without bond.