Pensacola State College recently announced they will be offering dual enrollment charter classes for students at their Warrington Campus.

Which will be focusing on providing educational opportunities for students who come from military families and those who may be at-risk.  

This will be for 10th– 12th graders and will all be kicking off August 22nd.

Captain Tim Kinsella says, “This isn’t just for military children…well yes military children because its needed and they come from all over the country and have their own very unique set of challenges but this is going to benefit the whole entire community.”

The dual enrollment charter program has been in the works for awhile and is something PSC president Ed Meadow says is needed.  

President Meadow says, “The reason we like to keep his kind of folks is he is forward thinking not only what is good for the military but what is good for our community. Giving more student choice.” 

This will allow military students or any others to fast-track to an associate degree or get college credit while they are completing their high school education. Also offering many options of courses. 

Captain Tim Kinsella says, “Imagine the opportunities they can have for our community with that power and with that knowledge and where they can go from there.”

Gulf Power was also a big contributor in making this whole plan work by donating $100,000 to the school for their new Technology Innovation Center.  

A decision many who have served and on the board are excited to see what it will bring.

Andrea Krieger adds, “You make me very proud to be a navy brat but a navy brat in this community.”

Officials from Gulf Power and PSC encouraged other businesses to consider supporting the Pensacola State College Charter School (PSCCS).

If interested please contact Andrea Krieger at 850-484-1477 or