UPDATE (5/25) — Pensacola Police say they have arrested Terrance Juwann Myles, 25, for the hit and run crash. Police say the vehicle involved was found at Myle’s home. He is charged with leaving the scene of an accident with injury, careless driving, and driving while license is suspended.

PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — Pensacola businessman and philanthropist Quint Studer is resting comfortably at home after being hit by a car while riding his bike on Saturday evening. 

Studer told WKRG News 5 he was riding his bike home on Bayfront Parkway when a car “clipped him” around 9 p.m. Studer believes he was knocked unconscious briefly and awoke to bystanders helping him, including many from the Gulf Coast Short Film Festival who heard the accident, police and EMTs. 

“It just shows what a wonderful city we have, what a wonderful area we have and what a wonderful country we have,” Studer said, his arm still in a sling from the crash. 

Studer suffered some ligament damage to his shoulder and scrapes to his back, but for the most part, he’s on the mend. 

He said doctors told him he was lucky he wore a helmet. Scrapes to his helmet show his head hit the pavement. 

“Then (the doctors) said don’t ride a bike in Pensacola, Florida,” Studer said. “They said it’s a dangerous place to ride a bike, which is sort of sad.” 

Pensacola has long tried to make its streets more pedestrian and bicyclist friendly, including narrowing its streets, putting in bike lanes and reducing speed limits. Studer said it could be time to look at more options.

“Pensacola has always been a dangerous place (to ride a bike),” Studer said. “It’s very dark. I don’t know if they’re trying to save power on lights but it’s dark. Sidewalks are limited and cars speed. I’ve noticed that since I’ve started riding a bike. Cars fly by you. And it’s interesting — you think if you saw a bike, you’d be a little bit more cautious.” 

Pensacola Police are still investigating the incident to find out who hit Studer. Witnesses told police a black Nissan Altima is the car that hit Studer. It should have passenger side damage. 

“In Florida, when you leave the scene of an accident involving injury, that’s a felony,” said Mike Wood, public information officer for the Pensacola Police Department. “So the person responsible for this needs to do the right thing and turn themselves in.” 

Studer said the support he’s gotten from people across the country after the incident has been overwhelming. 

“I think everything we want in life is to be able to love others and be loved,” Studer said. “Certainly, this community knows I love them and certainly I understand and appreciate the love that they show for me.” 

Anyone with information about the crash is asked to contact PPD.