PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — Panama City Beach leaders have been tossing around the idea of banning smoking at the beaches.

They recently received the power from the state to make this decision, and it sounds like they will do it soon.

At Tuesday morning’s beach city council meeting, every member had a reason why banning cigarettes and vape devices would be a good thing.

But cigarette butts are their main concern.

They said they are a big part of the trash problem on the beach and it’s difficult for cleaning crews to rake them up.

They need to figure out consequences for rule-breakers.

“From what I understand from the conversation this morning, it’s going to be similar to dogs on the beach as well as glass on the beach,” Panama City Beach Council Member Mary Coburn said. “But we’ll wait and see what legal comes back with as their recommendation for fines after we look at other cities and how they’re handling it.”

As Coburn touched on, the city council’s legal team is writing up an ordinance.

They will review it and possibly vote on it at their next meeting Thursday, August 24th.

The council still needs to discuss designated smoking spots.